Anyone add a dropper post to Cervelo ZFS-5 (or Santa Cruz Blur)?

Having trouble getting the cable in and looking for help…
have tried

  1. threading outer cable
  2. threading inner cable (using magnet to try to help guide it)
  3. floating dental floss while pulling negative pressure through frame with a shop vac

i’m guessing its hanging up down by the bottom bracket or lower pivot bolt.

from the dealers manual it appears that it should just thread through as there do not appear to be cable guides internally.

Anyone with experience? assume the santa cruz blur is the same?

I have wireless dropper in mine so can’t help, but I don’t think the internal routing on the blur is necessarily the same or even similar. The linkage design is the same between the two, but the frame actually is completely distinct.

Can you just pull your bottom bracket to get better access/visibility? I’ve always found that to be helpful.

after about 20 tries I got the dental floss/shop vac method to work. no way i was going to get it just trying to use the cable housing and steer it.


Bottom bracket is threaded so if you pull it there is an insert that runs the whole width of the frame so that won’t work. ZFS-5 and Blur both have no access panels as well around bottom bracket. so it really is a tricky one especially with the rear brake and shifter cable already running through the frame.

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Used what became a donor full length der cable. It’s what helped pull the housing through

Also I don’t know if it helped or not, but I suspect it did, when I tried to float dental floss through the frame while pulling it with the shop vac it seemed to be bunching up when pulled in via the vacuum. I was thinking the end of the floss would hang up easily on any internal parts. So I cut a piece of shifter cable about 1/2 inch long and taped it smoothly on the end of the floss that i was pulling into the frame via the shop vac. thought having a little mass to the end of the floss may help it find its way… With this frame you are not going to be able to visualize anything in and around the bottom bracket. So you have no idea where or what the floss may be hanging up on. The floss worked for me first time when I had added weight to the tend of the floss. prior 20 tries no dice.

Glad this is being discussed as I’m about to attempt this.