Any way to ship a bike usa -> eu for less than $600?

Mostly what it sounds like, is this a normal shipping price right now? I packed my bike in a bikeflights bike box medium (49x12x29 inches) and from northeastern us I was quoted just over usd $600 from bikeflights to go to southern eu. UPS quoted usd $1200 so win for bikeflights I guess? This isn’t a dream bike (trustly Allez Sprint Comp) and it’s probably worth maybe 2.5k (actually, maybe more right now in the crazy bike times) so I’m wondering if it’s a better bet to just sell it and rebuy something over there.

I would be worried about not finding a 3-5k race bike though, maybe a bird in the hand and all…

Take it on the flight with you?


my wife and I are moving our family, so the flight space is all spoken for :smile:. Lots of toys and stuffies! But yeah, that would probably be the cheapest. I’m also thinking about throwing the box on the couple of pallets of ocean freight we have booked, but I’m worried about handling tbh.

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actually, on that note, and if anyone has any experience, would there be an issue shipping the bike box on it’s end? It says “this side up” of course, but I’m wondering if I put it nose down if it would be ok (pretty well packed, foam, qr holders, etc).

Just thinking out loud. You’ve probably already looked into this, but could you put clothes, studies, etc (the light stuff) in boxes and ship those for less and take the bike on the plane?

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It doesn’t sound worth the effort and cost .
Are you going to eu for a training camp, or permanently?
If it’s a training camp I would hire a bike when you get there.
If you are going for a long period, I would buy one there.
Unless you’re super fussy and then I’d just pay the air fare and be done with it.
If you hire a bike remember to take your own pedals.

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I have shipped bikes plus household goods in a container from the US to Southern EU and back with no issues whatsoever. The kids’ bikes weren’t even in boxes and they were fine as well. If you are willing to wait for your bike to get there that would be the cheapest option.

Also gives you an excuse to buy a bike in Europe while you “wait” and then not sell the bike that you told your wife you would clearly sell when it arrives since you cannot get a good price/need that bike for racing/need that bike for bad weather/that bike has been with you through thick and thin/etc.



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Yeah, I’m moving permantly. Might be worth just selling and rebuying… it also looks like eu is slightly less affected by the bike shortage than the us, at least there is some inventory for less than 5k, which is more than I can say for here.