Does it really cost over $200 to mail a bike?

It’s been awhile since I sold a bike on eBay…is it really over $200 to send one now? It’s in a trek domane box (so a little taller than “a small bike box”, it’s an XL frame, and it’ll be 40-45#'s once it’s all packed in there, mummified. But…$200…whoa!


Depending on where it is going and what service you use, yeah, you can hit close to $200.

Worth noting that shipping costs are pretty high right now across the board…huge demand.

What service are you looking at using?

Bikeflights last time I did it was around $100 or maybe even less.


I tried ups and fedex when I made the ad on eBay…over $220 for each!

Here’s the ad.

I’m not sure how to use bike flights with eBay…but if there is a way I’d be willing to check it out for sure because this shipping is going to kill my sale price!


When I sold a frame in the past, I just did free shipping and raised the price to cover bikeflight’s cost.

I’ve used and and both were good. I think shipbikes is newer and they were less than bikeflights. Does eBay make you use a particular service? All of my shipping was pre-pandemic so maybe prices have really been affected.

Did you sell it via eBay?

yes, usps, ups, fedex … or, charge what you want and ship how you want. The usps option is super handy for small items, before that got easy I always lost money on shipping. I’ll check out both of those options, thanks :slight_smile:

I did. I was trying to find the listing but apparently doesn’t keep an archive of old sold items (one of many reasons I hate them).

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Shipping rates are step functions. Cut the box down to your needed size and then enter the dimensions. A one inch change can more than double the shipping rate.

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I’ve sold ~10 bikes on eBay, and thought the $200 - $250 shipping was normal, but BikeFlights is way cheaper and an excellent company to work with. I’ve shipped for $60 - $80 almost every time since then (I also use them for my personal bikes when on vacation). Can’t recommend that company highly enough.

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I don’t know about the US, but in the UK the shipping costs can easily double if you’re insuring a high value item inside such as a bike. So baseline costs can be pretty cheap but if you dont want to risk being uninsured if it’s damaged in transit, the extra cost is worth paying IMO

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I’ll definitely check them out. I was going to mail my bike on my last trip but it was $$$ and American charged me only $25 (bike box and an underseat backpack were all I brought).

Thanks for the tips guys!


It can! $50 is probably the minimum. Using Bikeflights / Shipbikes (really just discount codes to Fedex/UPS), or a discount code will save you $$$. There are a few critical dimensions to both UPS and Fedex. If you exceed one of those in any dimension, you’re doubling the cost of the shipment. Second, getting a bike packed can cost $50 if the shop does it.

Those dimensions are about 28in on one side and 10in on the other. Serfas makes a case for this - SBT Serfas® Bike Transport - Serfas If you’re ever going on vacation and mailing the bike to yourself / a fedex store/a bike shop, take a minute to play with those websites to figure out the optimal box size. It may cost $30 less to ship a bigger box thats 1" smaller on one side.

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