Any way to load a workgroup from grid view (PC app)?

I can’t seem to figure out how to load a workout from the PC app in grid view. If I click the workout and then open it I can complete the workout, but it leaves a skipped copy on the calendar. If I later delete the skipped copy it asks to recalculate my plan, which doesn’t seem right. Anyone know if it’s possible to load a workout from grid view? Just figured out I can move the list view and load from there, but seems clunky. Thanks.

As long as the workout is in the future, it should be as simple as clicking the tile, and then pressing “Open.”


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Thanks very much for the response Bryce. Only issue is when I do what you describe it’s creates a copy of the workout on my training plan which seems like a bug. I end up with one workout that is complete and one that is skipped. If I then delete the skipped copy it asks to recalculate my training plan.

Hmm, that certainly sounds like a bug. I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team to report this issue; we definitely want to take a closer look at this.

While you want for a reply, I would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling the PC app to see if that resolves your issue :+1:.

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That only happens for me in the process of uploading. After the upload and analysis the temporary copy disappears. It definitely sounds like something went awry.