Any users of Trainer Road? Thoughts on it please

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Each game also offers detail guidance about rewards and gameplay

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Your devices don’t do Bluetooth?

There are loads of cheap ANT+ USB dongles on eBay. Any of them would do the job.

As for the iPhone, you’re going to need a Wahoo ANT+ stick and Lightning adaptor.

I dropped Strava premium, Zwift, and TrainingPeaks premium. Very happy with TrainerRoad. :+1:t3:


What training apps have you used before, if any? And what are you looking to get out of it? :slight_smile:

OTG cable for android - I got mine for something like €2 on ebay. If bluetooth isn’t an option.

The only thing I could see as a negative of TR is that it is purely a training tool - for the most part, but see the disaster day stuff for how the forum is developing the community - rather than entertainment/ game play. So if you just want to get faster, I see no reason to do the other options.

I’ve also ditched Training Peaks Premium as there’s enough analysis and planning capibility on TrainerRoad now, with more to come. I’m only keeping Strava Premium for the ability to appropriate interesting routes easily!

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If you dont have a smart trainer, you need speed and cadence sensors (HR is optional). Had this on my laptop for ANT+:

Now I’m using my phone with bluetooth and a smarttrainer.

TR is a great App. No Game, no virtual worlds. Just getting fitter and fitter. I love it.

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You’ll need this for whatever indoor training application you want to use - there needs to be connectivity between your devices on the bike/trainer and the device running the application. This is not unique to Trainer Road and, as others have already indicated in their responses, is a pretty small entry fee to indoor training

As a long-time user of Trainer Road I love it. I recognize it isn’t for everyone - but if you’re a type-a training personality there’s nothing better. It lacks the social aspects of other applications like Zwift, but I don’t train as a social activity so for me that stuff is all useless. If you want to suffer and get faster then Trainer Road is the best thing available - if you want to stay active and ‘ride’ with friends (or strangers) then I’d probably steer you towards Zwift


This is helpful:

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Its incredibly amazing as a training and coaching platform. Great company. Friendly, funny and informative weekly podcast, app is very stable and rarely I have issues. Performance has increased to levels I’ve never seen before. I don’t waste time anymore on training and getting no results.

It really depends though on you, as the onus is on you to work hard. Trainerroad could be the greatest thing since sliced bread (I think it is :slight_smile: ) but if you don’t do the work you won’t see the gains.

Also somewhat depends on the equipment investment upfront. The better trainer you go for the better your experience. I went for a Tacx Neo and it is brilliant with little maintenance needed. Likewise I’m on an old MacBook and the performance is a little choppy on the app at times.


As a new user myself, I procured the Tacx Ant+ receiver for my Windows Tablet/PC. Worked fine, but I ended up using my Android Tablet and Bluetooth, freeing up the PC for entertainment.

Note that many Snapdragon CPU equipped Android phones support Ant+ natively… maybe use an old / secondary device that you can leave on the trainer? Check Google for list of devices.

Very happy with Trainerroad, upgraded to yearly subscription after three weeks or so. Great community too.

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Love TR and have found it a great tool to improve fitness and all round bike skills climbing and pure speed. The entry cost is minamal to the amount of benifi. I only had a dumb trainer and speed and cadnce sensors to start with but now added a 4iiii power meter which is also good for outside riding.

The TR support team is great and happy to answer any questions

Would 1000% recommend it

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You should definitely use TR for your training, unless you’re planning to race against me. In that case, it’s a waste of time and you’re better off just winging it.


One thing I like about TR is that it’s kinda like 3 different entities – the training/workouts, the podcast, and now the forum.

I watched the podcasts for 6 months before I bought a training subscription. If you only watched the podcasts and read the TR blog you’d be a faster cyclists – and both those are free!

The training…who knows if it’s the best (is there really a best?), but it provides consistency and saves you a bunch of time trying to figure it all out on your own. It’s well thought out and organized, with probably more than a little bit of science to back it all up.

The forum is growing into a great place for not only support and encouragement but also for a wealth of information and experience. So much to learn.

If all that isn’t worth $10/month (or whatever it is now) then I don’t know what is.


I’ve been a TrainerRoad user since it was in beta a long time ago. And for me, I use TrainerRoad 2 - 4x week, practically every week of the year (I’m currently at 944 TrainerRoad workouts). So the ~$89 / year I’m paying is well worth it. Plus the TrainerRoad team has continued to make substantial investments in adding functionality year over year, which I cannot say for other platforms.

Long way of saying that if you are going to train indoors on a regular basis, then TrainerRoad is really worth it.


You can get a Garmin ANt+ chip at Digi-Key:

If you have an iPhone or iPad just get a Wahoo Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor. Hats what I got and it works great.

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Short/ uncomplicated answer: Yes it is worth every penny. DO IT you will not be sorry if you commit to your goals.
The forum is loaded with great information about getting started, as is the support team.

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Everything that people have said plus as far as the technology goes it just works with no hassle.

I love the specific training blocks. If you want to train for cyclocross, TTs, crits etc, etc… there is something for you. This helps remove the guess work and allows you to get solid training blocks under your belt.