Any tips for keeping Giro Empires tight?

Love my Giro Empires but the laces tend to loosen up during a ride. Of course it’s easy to stop and re-tie but that’s not always a possibility during a group ride or race. Anyone have any tips to keep them tight and not loosen up??

I’ve never had mine come loose. The laces stay put on mine.

But… When I put them on I pull the laces at each the eyelets tight all the way up before tying them.

If you just put them on and tie the laces at the top they’ll be loose along the top of your foot.

Are you new with laces? It may take a bit to find how tight it should be along the top of the shoe. Once you get it though it’s muscle memory. I like that you can vary the tension all along the shoe.

A trick used for trail running tying of laces.

Make bunny ears (two loops), then go left over right and right over left. So two in and out movements compared to just one if that was your typical tying method.

I have SWorks 7 lace ups and if anything, I want them less tight at the start of a ride. Your feet should swell a bit over the course of a ride and at the end the shoes should be more snug than at the start. Odd that you seem to experience the opposite? Do you stand in your feet at work all day before riding?

Thanks for the replies. Not new to laces, they are just less tight after a while on a ride. Not on feet all day either. It seems to be my left more than my right and perhaps the two eared approach is worth trying. I typically pull from midway, not all the way down so….

It is, report back here and let me know. :metal:

Try using waxed laces. Elite Hockey Prolace Waxed Molded Tip Laces | Pure Hockey Equipment

By chance are they round laces? I’ve always found round laces come undone easier and prefer flat ones.

The flat laces that came with my SWorks 7s don’t move. They’re great. Too long for my narrow feet but that’s easily fixed.

for the last pass through the holes at the top, are they coming under and out the side or over and into the shoe(on top of the tongue)? I find laces stay tighter if they tuck under(and are slightly cleaner looking when tucked

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