Any metal heads here?

Primal Fear is Great.
I listen to the Metal Commando album a lot when im on the trainer.

Also Helloween a lot Walls of Jericho still one of my favorites even though the recording quality was crappy at best.


Spirit Adrift is one of my current favorites

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You might like those other two if you like Spirit Adrift.

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ahahahah, you dont.

certain songs are more rythmic than others (believe it or not) especially in the Miss Machine album
Edit) damn it, i just re-started listening to the album and its soooooo good.
i know what im listening to on my run tonight

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Anyone else here put together playlist based on BPM to match target RPM for their workouts?

I did one for Sweet Spot during base, all songs with 70-90 BPM (effectively, cut or double time where applicable). Putting together another one with 85-105 for my build phase workouts.

I used an screen-tap BPM app meant for taking pulse to find the BPM for the songs

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went to a rabbit hole here
I want to share my recent discovery of something called BABYMETAL!


this is the the realization that you can put metal music on any lyric and will automatically make it MUCH better


I dont listen to music during my wo夷 watch tv so nothing else, just wanted to share this with other metalheads

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Ive been listening to a (local) band Witchskull a bit lately

Does hardcore count? :smiley:

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You dont hear people mention Thou very often. I live in the New Orleans area so Ive had the luxury of seeing them live quite a few times. My old band opened for them back in 09ish.


Thats awesome! Thou is actually really big in my little circle of friends, pretty much ever since their album with Full of Hell. Obviously theyve been around before that, but I that seems like when they got really popular.

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Geil. Enjoy!

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we need to edit the title lol

Tool = 20 minute FTP test protocol. Just saying :grin:


Im jamming a lot to Hatebreed lately. FOr all the violence of their music, the lyrics are impressively constructive. Like take personal responsibility to fix your life type stuff. I think its ideal for Ramp test or a miserable climb.

My Race Pace playlist has had Iron Maiden, Ministry, Slayer and System of a Down. Only problem is, I lazily put full albums in and none of the one-offs from other bands were getting any circulation. A little culling and Ive got my childhood favorites sprinkled in with the current stuff.



What about some Throwdown ?
And Please try some Sworn Enemy

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I dont know how I missed this thread until now. I freaking love metal! Mostly melodic death, with some black and folk in there. I listen to tons of metal. On the bike, off, with my kids, whatever. :rofl:

+1 on everyone who said Amorphis, Amon Amarth, Insomnium, Children of Bodom, Wolfheart, Mors Principum Est, Soilwork, Sabaton, etc. Love me some melodic death metal. Add to that list: Kalmah, In Mourning, In Vain (last two albums are really good), Noumena, Dark Tranquility, Arch Enemy, Norther, Chthonic如lus so many more.

Recently been listening to some Vorna, Kaunis Kuolematon, and Hinayana. To me they are a bit different from the other bands I listed. More aggressive vocals, but also very melodic. A little atmospheric, maybe? Really digging them.

For other heavy music (maybe not always for the trainer), I like Belakor, Descend (specifically their new album), Wilderun (if youve never listened you must宇hey got album of the year in 2019 from Angry Metal Guy and I think its well deserved), Hath, Decembre Noir, Harakiri for the Sky, Ne Obliviscaris, and Diablo Swing Orchestra (for something completely different, but still metal).

@JSChief I like some black metal, but mostly melodic and/or atmospheric. Let me know what you think of Saor, Marrasmieli, and Shylmagoghnar. Give me some recommendations!

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Been enjoying some God Dethroned, lately.


Hoping @Nate_Pearson will post up the demos from his early 00s nu metal band in this thread.