Any clever ways to clean helmet straps?

I bought a helmet with straps that weren’t black & discovered those things get really nasty & there is no good way to take them off the helmet. Any clever ideas for cleaning helmet straps in situ?

Take the helmet in the shower with you….use shampoo if you want……will clean the pads and the straps.


+1 for the shower method.


Shower +2. Another option is to dunk & soak it in a chlorinated pool, if you have permission and access to one.

+1 pool


Large bowl of warm soapy water, fill up pretty full and then rest the helmet straps down so they dunk into the bowl.
Let them soak and then hand massage the straps after a few mins to agitate. Then rinse straps under some cold water to clean the soap out.


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+N+1 for shower. It isn’t just the straps, but the pads that get soaked in sweat that need periodic cleaning. Just put the helmet on the shower floor, and let it get soaked as the shower heats up. Flip it over so you get the top, but mostly the inside. I also bring my sunglasses in when I clean my helmet to rinse off any sweat.

I just clean it with hand sanitizer.

I do the shower method. Let it soak as the shower heats up and then use soap or shampoo to clean the pads and straps.


Similar to the shower method, after a ride (when it’s hot or humid) I’ll pull into the back of the house, turn on the garden hose and blast my head to cool off and then rinse off the inside of the helmet. During summer months, once a week I need to scrub the straps with soap and water. Almost every ride in the summer I’ll take out the pads from my Ballista and hand wash it or throw it in the dishwasher.

Helmet straps - scrub with sponge and washing-up liquid.

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