Any Advantage to using a brand specific trainer tire?

My old trainer tire split down the middle today so I was browsing online for a new one. I noticed that the listings for tires sold by most of the trainer manufacturers all say that they recommend using their brand of tire on their trainers. Are there really any advantages to using a brand specific trainer tire? I’ve had a few and I’m not convinced that they are really all that different…

This is really an academic question since the cheapest one I could find is actually the same brand as my trainer, so that’s the one I ordered anyway. I’m really just curious if anyone has some experience on this?

No advantage whatsoever. I would just use whatever old road tyres I had lying around. I covered thousands of km last winter on a part worn S-Works turbo tyre.


I tried using an old continental GP4000 SII on my older tacx genius last winter and it started coming apart in 2-3 rides ,black dust everywhere.

Guess it depends on the specific tire and trainer, some combinations seem to work just fine…others not so much

Check the images here for an example.


If I’m honest, I suspect user error rather than anything to do with the tyre. I’ve used several different tyre types on several different wheel on trainers and only ever once had an issue with the tyre shredding. That was when I didn’t have the roller correct.

There’s usually something in the manual that tells you how to set it up correctly. Eg the Road Machine suggests 2-3 turns once the tyre touches the drum. But you should check it by sharply moving the wheel back and forth by hand. This should be just to the point where there isn’t any slippage. Never had any issue at all by following these instructions.


I would just add that grippier tyres are better than hard wearing. The tyre must never slip, and the relevant parameters are tyre compund (grippier is better), roller and tyre pressure (higher is better). If the tyre slips the slightest, or is deformed and as a consequence heated too much, it will get destroyed.
I’ve had excellent experiences with Continental ultra sport 2 (cheap, grippy and no mid tread).

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As someone who likes his sprint and pushes close to 1500W, minimal slippage is crucial.
The tacx blue tire holds up for several seasons, a normal tire didn’t last a week (or could but the whole room would turn black). Both times the tension was calibrated the same. Pressure the same, admittedly higher than 5.5bar but still within the tire and trainer’s recommendations . I’m heavy and don’t like bouncing around on a tire…or the tire slipping under acceleration.


I had a slick tire and moved to a Tacx blue trainer tire. For me, I’ve found less slippage during strength and max effort sprints. Also the tire still looks brand new after one season.

I’ve had the same trainer tire (Continental) since I started using my trainer/TrainerRoad in the fall of 2012 so not having to deal with changing it out sure has been handy. I use a KK Road Machine so I’ve done fine with the brand mismatch as well.