Best trainer tyre

Does anybody try different tyres ?
Which one offers the best grip on the wheel on trainer??

I’ve used the red Vottoria one for years and its been superb. Never slipped once on my old wheel-on turbo and been great on the rollers. Cant comment on others though.


I have limited experience, but I prefer the Tacx tyre which I had before, to the Continental I have now. Need to clean the conti tyre much more often to avoid slipping and it sheds some rubber too, especially when it was new.

I also used the Vitoria red for wheel on. :+1:

I think it depends on trainer brand as the rollers have different coatings, tire pressures, materials, and diameters. This would impact the tire greatly, as they are all designed for slightly different temp ranges.

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I like the blue tacx one - not sure I was completely sold on the performance improvement claims but they certainly lasted longer than standard bike tyres.

I’ll add that I’ve used my red Vittoria for years and never cleaned it, never seen even the slightest wear on it, never had any tyre shedding from it and will imagine that it will last longer than I ever will…

I got 10 years out of my old blue tacx tire. Thought it was dry rotting and got worried the tube was going to blow through, once I took it off to replace it I realized it had plenty of life left.

Switched to conti due to price/availability and just to try something else. About 40 “rides” on it and can’t say it is better or worse than the tacx

Very old GP4000s2 that has almost worn down in the centre after several years

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