Anti-Drafting Technology

This might stop drafting packs in races like Ironman Barcelona :slightly_smiling_face:


I scanned the article but didn’t see this. Does the following rider get a notification that they may be risking a penalty before the official hands them a penalty? Like from a light on their bars or something. Would be a bummer if you got penalized when you thought you were at a good distance.

Could be like the Garmin radar units RTL 510 that could change flash mode when a rider approaches,.
normally steady low or green light (or no light) then when rider enters in it’s zone it flashes to warn then after a set time changes solid bright to show officials it is an actual penalty ?

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The video embedded in the article shows the unit in front will visually warn the rider in back that they are in the ‘danger zone.’

I can hear the first complaint from the triathletes: the front-mount unit (each cyclist has a rear and forward unit) will impinge on their aero. The same is often true of those darn race numbers, of course.

I like the idea. Not that I’m racing IM at this time, but everyone else, too many times I saw a train of drafters speed by.

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About time, but yes I can see the complaints and still feel it’s unlikely this will see major deployment beyond a few pilots. People cheat too much, and when the organisers see how many need to be adjudicated, how well it will go down with the customers, I reckon they’ll drop it.

Here’s hoping though :crossed_fingers:t3:

Can I use this when I’m out on a solo training ride and an annoying middle aged man wants to half wheel me while I’m warming up?

Asking for a friend


You just need to eat more beans and broccoli…

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This will be a whole can of worms!
I like the idea…
but Ive seen enough people with not enough seat post clearance/big ass read bag to put the rear sensor… I was one if them…

It would be nice if the rear sensor also worked as as a holder of the bike number. From one of the pictures id does look that it might work like that…

In order for this to work they will need to work alternative positions for the rear sensors…

The idea of eliminating drafting is nice. But there are IM in some situations makes it worse by not limiting the field, poor bike course setup. I’ve done IM course with a couple loops for the bike course and at times it’s very congested and it takes a lot of effort to constantly stay out of the draft zone. And if it’s a windy day slowing people down it gets worse.

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I’d be interested to see what the data says using the equipment before penalties are given based on its use.

The officials are intelligent enough when out on course watching the field to see if a group of 10 people are suddenly close leading up to a turn it isn’t drafting it’s just bunching and then they spread out once through or if it is a peloton forming. The article (and another I saw this morning) notes it will be reviewed by officials which is good. But it also seems like if it is too overwhelming they will either be ignoring it or dishing out undeserved penalties not being there to see the actual conditions.

Also weird take, as someone whos main focus is the bike leg, knows all the rules, and does what I can to stick to them, I’d be fine with being penalized if I misjudged the drafting zone. I kind of don’t care if the back of the pack bucket listers get bunched up and end up 5-8 meters apart as long as they aren’t blocking the road.

The data is likely just going to tell them the bike courses are too congested and since the solution would then be reduce the number of entries, so I see this technology being used for a year tops.

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