Another one about ramp tests

I did my first Ever ramp test today… I just finished SSB2MV, now Going into SPB. I didn’t do the ramp test to start Ssb2mv mostly because I did an 8 minute test about a week before getting Into TrainerRoad. So I kept my 280w ftp, halfway through the 5 weeks I was nailing all workouts with some “ease”. I only failed Leconte (stressful day before) my next threshold workout was “Lamarck “, having 40 minutes average of 286.5 watts, I raised my ftp to 285…
Now I have read through And through the forum and some people are saying Lamarck is a good indicator of where your ftp is… is this accurate or should I still use my lower ftp ramp test score from today?
Thanks in advance

I think Laconte is one of the hardest workouts in the book…at least, where it is in the plan. Maybe first thing after a recovery week, not so much.

I’ve found the ramp test to be very accurate for me…so long as I test well. (Though, it’s an assessment, not a test.)

For me, I have to keep a close eye on cadence. Spin too fast and the heart rate will peg before the legs are ready to stop. (I’m not gonna puke over a ramp test.) Spin too slow and the legs are cooked too soon.

It really comes down to doing it a few times so you’re testing consistently. Really, no different than a 20 min test…you have to learn to pace there. Ramp, you have to know how you do best getting through it, and do it that way every time.

That being said, 5 watts in build can make or break you. If it were me, and you were confident with the higher number, I’d leave it. When you get to the first day of over/under’s you’ll really know if you have it set right. If you don’t get a burn in the overs…possibly not high enough…too much burn or can’t clear the burn in the unders…FTP might be too high.

Until you’ve done a handful of ramps you might just have to settle with tweaking a bit. (You could also repeat the ramp tomorrow and see if the result is different. That can confirm your theory.)


Solid advice! Looking back I might have over estimated My ftp even though I nailed most workouts I was still not hitting the target power on many instances . Lamarck I did have great results but that was after an extra rest day, so that makes sense.
I let go of my ego and Dropped it to 275w I’d rather be safe than sorry. I want to play the long game and not dig myself into a hole!
If I find workouts to be easy and no burn during over under a. I’ll adjust 2-5 watts From there or workout intensity.
Thanks man