Another great result thanks to TR

This season (beginning last October) I switched up my training strategy, going with mid-volume Traditional Base 1, 2, and 3; then mid volume Build for an A race on March 11: 28 Below in Spearfish, SD. My third attempt at this race and I finally got that podium! (Third) :metal:

Traditional Base was very effective for me, allowing higher volume–up to 8-10 hrs/wk from 6-5 hrs/wk–without too much intensity (compared to SSB). Last year’s FTP was 284 at this time, and I was at 298 (4 w/kg) for this race. Going to use this strategy again going forward for my next races, the Dakota Five-0 and Little Sugar MTB.


Congrats!!! Well done!

I think it’s notable that you used traditional base. It’s been poopoo’d for so long, I think it’s quite underrated in its effectiveness, even if it’s not 10+ hours of riding per week in the Low and mid volume versions.


Congrats! I’m doing MV trad base right now and I feel so much better than thrashing myself with SSB.

I’ve got a monster long ride (long for me anyway) in July and I’m hoping traditional base will lay the foundation for a successful ride. I’m planning on doing 2 blocks of trad base, then switching to LV 40k TT, with long rides on the weekends to build endurance. The ride is 160miles, so I’m hoping it will all work out.

Anyway, great pic there @jesse_v and congrats on the podium!!!

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I’m freezing :cold_face: just looking at that picture but congrats!!! Great results for sure!!