Android vs Desktop

Hi Folks,

I recently moved from using the desktop app on OSX to the Android app on a tablet. I have noticed a couple of strange issues. I have been using the same trainer (Elite Direto) on both.

First off distance is reported differently on Android, to be honest couldn’t care less about that, as it is already just an approximation.

The second issue is the power reported at the end of the interval. After moving to Android they have been suspiciously uniform. For instance, today was Spencer -2. Five of the six intervals all reported the exact same power to target power. (235/238) I very much doubt I am hitting the exact same number per interval regardless of ERG mode.

Anyone else faced this issue, or am I just talking nonsense?

  • Are you certain that you have exactly the same wheel size setup in both apps?

  • Assuming you are using the same trainer, and the same gearing on the bike & trainer, there will be an identical speed/distance reported.

  • Are you using the same communication protocol (ANT+ or BLE) between both TR app devices?

Yeah, the settings in the app are identical and using BLE in both cases.

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Might be worth contacting directly. Not sure why there would be any difference if everything matches.

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Cheers, I will drop them a line

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I have dropped them an email, and I will see how I get on. Noticed some more weirdness with the speed. The speed difference between a rest and work interval when I am 2x the power output is on average 1kmph. That doesn’t seem correct.