Andrews harder than I thought

I did Andrews today for the first time. I found it interesting. It was harder than I thought. I’m sure like many you look at the picture before session.

Andrews looked easy. For the first time I see what Chad means about indoor training can be harder than being outside.

I didn’t feel tired at the end, but legs felt a certain burn I wasn’t expecting. I would never peddle for that amount of time at that constant cadence for 90 minutes.

It isn’t really a question, just an observatio.


I think workouts like these really highlight the difference between indoor and outdoor riding.

Outdoors there are tonnes of distractions, you are constantly moving your body around on the bike, you can coast and stand easier and you’re turning the bike, the list goes on.

Indoors you are just pedaling, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, sometimes (rarely) out of the saddle, but that’s it!

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I find the same with Pettit lol - Looks so easy, but get most of the way through it and my legs are starting to burn. Not in an unmanageable way, just an i’m aware of the ache kind.

I minimise the time I’m not pedalling (or putting out little to no power) when outside as a conscious effort to improve the ‘quality’ of these rides.

Recovery isn’t to be overlooked but unless I’m spinning out on a descent I’ll be putting some power down and try to plan the profile of my route to replicate intervals with work & recovery periods.

Similarly long alpine climbs offer little to no rest bite and workouts like this and Echo simulate them well.

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Funny how people have a different perception. I just checked it out as a reminder and my first thought was ‘there’s no down time at all!’

90 mins at 70-75% of your FTP. translate that to an hour and a half climb up a Spanish hillside with no breaks and it doesn’t sound too easy! :slight_smile:

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