Anaerobic vs Aerobic Contribution–Does it matter?

I’m looking through WKO5 (amazing, but so much information I don’t yet know what’s useful) and noticed this nice chart showing my PD curve along with anaerobic vs aerobic contribution. When doing max-aerobic power workouts I often notice that it would take me around 1 minute to hit what I thought was VO2max (markers: heavy breathing, high heart rate, rpe).

This chart shows that my anaerobic to aerobic split or crossover happens at 67sec and coincides with those sensations I would feel around the 1 minute mark.

Just wondering if there’s good info here that can help inform certain aspects of my training or interval prescription, and better help me understand my own phenotype or physiology.


I’m including a chart from a MAP study:

As you can see, it takes ~2min to enter VO2max, even though your signals tell you it’s ~1min (and ~3min before the big growth happens).

Maybe in your situation, during VO2 sessions, do a few short, hard ~1 min warm-up efforts to help deplete your anaerobic contributions during the main set.

But I’m no WKO expert. :man_shrugging:t2:


I often do “hard start” intervals to decrease the time to reach VO2max, and spend more time working at intervals of 4-6 min (20-25 min of work, hoping for 16-22 min of actual time @ VO2). Anways, I’ve heard a few podcasts where coaches talk about the “anaerobic/aerobic crossover” but of course I can’t remember which. Dammit.

Yup, same. But getting a few Ae-An cross-over power warm-up shots in really seems to help.

After your ride, look up the intervals in WKO, it should give you a graph on the depletion/regen of your FRC. It usually takes me about 2 intervals before it’s not a contribution factor.

(I’ve also started keeping my HR semi-elevated — ~75% HRmax — during the rest periods…less time to jack HR during hard starts)

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One thing I noted about that screen in WKO5 is that you can move your cursor to the 20 minute mark and see your anaerobic contribution. Mine is 6%. I figure that if I ever do a 20 minute FTP test, then 94% will be the correct number for me.

I moved away from 20 minute tests anyway but it’s nice to know.

(FWIW, I’m a Wko5 newbie so I’m not even sure if that’s a valid use of the percentages but it feels right for me.)

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