Anaerobic power rankings

New stats,

We’ve seen the bell curve of FTP for male and female TrainerRoad users. What’s the chance of seeing the same for anaerobic efforts?

I’m thinking…
30 seconds
1 minute
Maybe 2 mins
Max efforts
Age bracketed like the FTP curve

I’m sure it would be fascinating. Over to you @Nate_Pearson


Our data isn’t saved in a way for quick analysis like this. It’s also tough that a lot of people don’t do true all out efforts for these time periods (I know I haven’t in a long long time).

Those shorter efforts even up to one minute are best done outside anyway.

Very true.

I’ve only ever done them outside. What about V02 max efforts, say 5mins W/kg? I’ve found that these shorter lengths of time, say 30sec to 5min are by far the deciding factor in most road races. Either your actual max effort or your ability to repeat them.

I’ve obviously seen the Coggan table, but it is miles away from actual reality for road cyclists. It includes different cycling disciplines, inc track cyclists, which dramatically skews the results for shorter durations.

So far, Cycling Analytics seems to have the best effort comparison curve for road cyclists. It’s based on their athletes only and shows significantly lower W/kg over shorter durations than the Coggan table.

Just putting the link here in case anyone else comes along this thread and is interested:

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