Ammonia smell sweat

Hi All,
Does your sweat smell ammonia and is it normall or should I get worried?
I’m not on any diet, eating regular stuff and supplementing my self with whey protein after trainings, but not much. Before I started taking whey it was the same, so I guess it has no influence.


I’ll get this on really long or hard efforts that when I haven’t had many carbs I’ve found. This correlates with what I’ve read which says it’s from burning more protein than carbs for fuel. There are lots of articles out there on it like this:


Go to the library and take out “Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes” by Monique Ryan.

I know @chad has mentioned this in a podcast. I just don’t know which one.

My wife can tell when I don’t eat enough for my workouts as my breath changes.

I think something similar is mentioned in one of the workouts too.

Usually the smell of ammonia on the breath is a sign your body is going into a ketogenic state and will start to burn fat instead of glycogen.

I would like to know as well which podcast covered this topic. My sweat is also smelling like ammonia. I do not have the idea that I’m underfueling on the carb side though

I have read that it can be caused by excessive protein consumption but not sure how true that is

What does it mean excesive? Is there any threshold? or am I just eating not enough carbs?