Amgen Tour of California - Stage 1

Anyone going downtown Sacramento today? Wasn’t excited until last night - saw Taylor Phinney walking around.

I’m thinking of heading down, or getting a better seat by watching live coverage while on the trainer in the cave. Last year I was picked as UCI anti-doping chaperone and drew the GC out of a hat. Got to shadow Tejay for over an hour. Its tight quarters in the post-race tent and backstage, literally rubbed shoulders with Sagan and everyone else on the podium.


Live stream starts at 3pm PST:

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Looked like 11th or 12th wheel for the win

Watched it on TV - that finish was exciting! (Yeah, I too am a Peter Sagan fan…)


Live here in east Sac, went down to see the start. Was supposed to be a recovery ride today, instead ended up setting a bunch of PRs along the river once I realized I could make the start if I hustled. Good thing that 8k of climbing yesterday didn’t leave me legless! Got there with a couple minutes to spare. I don’t follow pro road racing all that much, but was pretty cool to see.

Lot of people rode with the pros this week, guy I’ve ridden with once or twice posted a vid of him jumping onto pro groups. Bora was one - he held on for 30ish miles and got a fist bump from Sagan at the end.

Coincidently, my ride yesterday was a chunk of tomorrow’s stage. Really great area to ride, I’m jealous they’ll get 88 and 89 closed down. Would love to ride those without the cars.

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Yes, a lot of chatter on Strava the last couple of days. We were in the Arden area last night when I saw Phinney.

No wind today!