Amgen Tour of California cancelled for 2020

Figured there could be a good discussion about this on the forum.

Here is a link to an article from VeloNews.

Sad to see this one go :confused:


Sure, Sagan decides to bail for the Giro… and breaks US road racing :stuck_out_tongue:


aftermath of California’s new equal pay law?

or Sagan committing to Giro?



We still get Sagan, he will be in San Diego county in a couple of weeks:

hope Sagan is still coming for Truckee Dirt Fondo, or will Giro cause him to pull out of that?


This is interesting and something I was unaware of. Super awesome to see California making this step in the right direction.

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Newsflash - road racing is not profitable to produce in the US. No need to come up with any other reasons.

Now we know why Sagan agreed to ride the Giro…highly doubt Specialized would have otherwise agreed to have their marquee rider not in CA.


Oh boy

Exactly. Sagan knee before we did. The ToC didn’t quit because of no Sagan…Sagan didn’t commit because of no ToC.


Yes, that is most likely and my comment (as I suspect for others) was very tongue in cheek (emoji for effect).


yup. Looks like I’m finally going to break down and buy a month of fubuTV.

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Ha! How did I miss that it wa you? Must not have seen straight after that last minute of high speed drills in Ericsson. :joy:

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If you are in the States, get a year’s subscription to FLO Cycling. Worth every penny.


He’s absolutely right, but if you can’t find it, it’s FloBikes that broadcasts racing.

FloCycling is a wheel builder.

I get that backwards in my head all the time and go to the wrong site first.


Me, too! Thanks for the correction.


@Pbase and @Power13 thx and already found it after searching ‘flo giro italia’ or something. Popped up right away, here is a quick link to broadcast calendar:

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Yup…that’s the one. Great roster of races. I used to just get it for the Giro, but sucked it up this year for the annual. I’ve dropped $150 on dumber stuff in my life, so I figured why not? :rofl:


While all of the above possibilities are valid, here are a couple more.

  1. The Summer Olympics are shifting the entire race calendar this year, and while some events can shift their dates, others can’t, and as a result, are going to miss out on the normal team participation they would have.

  2. It’s long been rumored that the Tour of California has been trying for World Tour status. I’ve heard from those that would know about this sort of thing that it was set to happen this year, but the Olympic schedule made it complex (so I think that means a new date, but not sure), and that it will be back in 2021 as a World Tour event.


Actually, ToC has been a World Tour event for a few years now…don’t remember the first year they got that status, though.

You’re right. I guess they mean some higher level status within WT? Maybe just shifting the date to not overlap with anything else so the race is considered on equal footing with the rest? Not sure, but the folks that have shared that info with me would definitely know whats up.


AMGEN already committed to paying equal prize money last year for the 2018 race without being forced to by government. I think the prize money equality was overshadowed by AMGEN doing away with podium girls. In the era of #metoo people felt that podium girls were being mistreated and objectified.

Also note that the UCI recently announced a new WT race in Saudi Arabia…noted hotbed of progressive thought and women’s rights.