Amgen Tour of California cancelled for 2020

I fear the UCI is going down the same road as formula 1 and putting races in places that will pay, rather than places that are interested in the sport. I think this is a very short-term strategy, and I don’t think it is working out well for formula 1.

Forgot about both! Doing a quick search I see the 2018 Tour Down Under and 2018 Tour of California paid equal prize money.

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Probably realized Kanza makes more money in one day than they do in a week.


The equal prize money thing is cool for pros but that California law applies to ALL races on state land paying prize money. Want to hold your local crit at a state park in California? The 50 guys and 6 girls who show up are all racing for the same prize pay outs even though the guys paid 90% of the entry fees :wink:

Almost every lower level race in the US pays deeper in the men’s races because of the different field sizes but under this law, that would be illegal.


Sad to hear it; curious how it may affect the Tour of Utah for 2020. Will it result in a stronger turnout from World Tour teams?

There isn’t a higher level within the WT status…at least not officially. But obviously based on reputation, heritage, etc. all WT races are not equal. A win at Dauphine is gonna earn someone more respect than a win at ToC, and a win at ToC is gonna be seen as more important than a win at Tour of Guangxi, etc.

I’m sure ToC wanted more “important” riders to come, but the overlap wioth the Giro was always gonna limit their ability to get the best riders. The big names who did come were usually linked to either American teams or American bike companies.

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I think you misspelled “progre$$ive thought and women’$ right$”

Coors, Tour de Trump, Tour DuPont, Tour of Georgia, Tour of California – it’s really hard to find a good spot on the calendar for a US stage race, the new-fangled event won’t have heritage or prestige, and those cannot be manufactured.

Someone will step in an fill the void and then go bust after five years or so.

Please don’t turn this into a political forum. I see this place as a haven from that crap.

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Funny, I missed the TDU doing equal prize money. Good stuff.

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Velonews outlines the costs for the TOC, roughly $10 million total between the two races, with a prize purse of $150 vs $75k respectively previously. So we’re talking about 1% of the cost. On top of that if it was really the women’s race dragging down the profits they couls have just cancelled the womens race and kept the men’s like some of the classics races for next year. So that line of reasoning is straight bullshit. The whole thing was simply unprofitable without major sponsor dollars

Some good discussion about the change: