SBT GRVL 2024 Thread

It looks like they updated the route so the black course is now 125 miles instead of 141. Was there any news on why they made the change? I haven’t been able to find anything.

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Most people found the course boring and they weren’t selling enough regs

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Not following how they weren’t selling enough registrations when it is a lottery to get in and it sells out every year.

There were requests from many multi-time participants to change the course as it has been the same since the event started.

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Interesting, I feel the opposite. If I get into
2024 it’ll be my third year and I look forward to seeing the year over year delta.

I worded it wrong. The proportion of applications were/are heavily skewed towards the 100 course.

They changed the course due to the pressure from the local ranching community about clogging up important roads needed to access their property.

The new course isn’t public yet, but from what I’ve heard, it’ll be a good route. I’ll likely ride it before the race. Will be out of the country on race day.


Yeah, you’ll never get consensus, I suppose….but they announced they were changing the course as a result of many return participants requesting a new course.

Fair. In the end, I’m actually happy either way.

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Pretty hard to go wrong…great roads with spectacular views, no matter which way you go!!

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$200 for 37 miles. Lord.

I’m thinking about going again, would be my third time and about a two hour drive from home. Good gravel and routes out there. Would try for the blue route.

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Same :slight_smile:

I have ridden SBT the last three years and I love the 141 mile course but not a big fan of the “single track” sections. There’s so many good gravel roads in the area but I know they were including those sections for an extra challenge (I guess). Hoping the 125 mile course will be without those sections.

I got in, with a guaranteed entry, by signing up for both FNLD and SBT GRVL before the lottery. The FNLD gravel course is in June, and I have never been to Finland, but it looks to be a fun course. I just hope flight prices to Europe improve between now and then :slight_smile:

I did FNLD GRVL this year and it was a fantastic event. The country is gorgeous and the gravel roads were just wonderful. Not a lot of technical stuff and mostly just rolling climbs, although there is one brute of a hill in the last 10K that is almost 2 miles long with a couple of really steep pitches.

You’ll love it…can’t say enough good things about both the race and the country. Feel free to hit me up with any questions.

I’m in for my first time ever, then again I never tried to get in. Can’t wait to be out there and experience the “champagne of gravel”.

Power13, thank you for positive vibes for the FNLD race. I may be asking more questions as time gets closer for the event.

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I can’t comment how the 125 course will be but the BLK course, from previous years, is fantastic. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back (and have been fortunate enough to find a way to get in the last three years). And its not just the race that’s great. All the activities before the race are awesome too. There are so many course pre rides, and just organized group rides in general. Plus, the town of Steamboat is very nice. The first year, I stayed up at the ski area. The other two years, I have stayed downtown. Both have their pluses and minuses. For downtown, you usually have to find something fairly quickly because they do fill up…but, as the event gets closer, you will find places opening back up. For accommodations at the ski area, there’s no problem with finding a place to stay.

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Thanks for the advice, I might go ahead and secure my hotel now!

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Denied as well. Anyone have any other favorite Colorado races in the fall?

What about The Rad in Trinidad?

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