Am I over-trained?

i have had a couple of years of good training and this year has been very good. CTL of 55-60 most of the year with a slump in Aug/Sept as holidays and other things kick in. From the beginning of October I have had 8 weeks of very solid base training and CTL has gone from 47 to 61.

However I cannot complete almost any threshold type interval - i,e last night 5 * 5mins @ 102% with 1 min rest should have been quite manageable. The first 3 were OK, struh=ggled at the end of the 4th and the 5th was pathetic. Ground to a halt about 5 times… Other workouts are similar. 4 months ago I would have relished this type of session.

I could be over or undertrained, unwell or my mindset isn’t right.
I doubt I am under-trained, I don’t think I am unwell but I am depressive and feeling quite stressed generally. However I do feel fit if rather tired. I am 61 so perhaps I am starting to need more recovery generally.

Is it just the base that is doing this to me and would a recovery week assist.

Not sure if overtrained but, over reached for sure…Yes take a week and relax, Chasing TSS/CTL for the sake of seeing a bigger number is not important. It’s ok to rest. Yes your CTL will drop but, the idea is for you to be able to do more work than before after proper rest. What’s important is time in zones, pushing higher power in zones (over time) and then repeatability. Meaning you can do more intervals at power than previously.


These are signs telling you to ease up a bit.

As mentioned by @Landis, “it’s ok to rest.” Your mind and body will give you the signals when to return to your specific training goals. Your mood will be brighter and your body will have an energetic “lilt.” But give it time, maybe a week or so of light training and more rest days completely off. You don’t want dig yourself deeper into the overtraining abyss.

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Any way to check your HRV? I’ve been through what you’ve been through and my HRV nearly always calls it right. Also, are you dieting?

How I fixed it was by stepping well away from the bike and eating a surplus of calories. Yes I put on weight but I started feeling happier and positive again. After a month I started doing some endurance work again and then a few weeks after that tempo intervals and so on. My ability to ride at threshold just massively bounced back. I’m shocked actually at how fast and high it’s managed to return without any serious work. Well, anything that I would consider serious anyway. No structure at all.

I went from feeling like I never wanted to do another training plan again and unable to even endure a few minutes at threshold to going to where I am now which is feeling great at feeling like riding at threshold is fun and jumping in on a high workload plan and enjoying it.

It’s incredible what a good period off the bike can do for you. But you need to be brave and step away sometimes. I wish I’d done it sooner. I wasted the most of this year by stringing myself along from plan to plan with too small breaks hoping I’d magically start feeling good again. After I while I forgot what it felt like to feel good and enjoy a ride. I was actually afraid of doing VO2 workouts. Afraid. Like actual dread. Ridiculous stuff. I was failing pretty much every workout. It was just horrible. Heart rate wouldn’t go high. Feeling sluggish and negative. Just a mess physically, mentally. Emotionally.

Now I’m like bring it yo :smiley:

Just step away and forget about cycling. Your body will tell you when to return.