Am I Over fueling?

yup, the app is great! looking forward to the upgrade payment,
what are the benefits @Dr_Alex_Harrison


I’ll shoot you a DM to avoid hijacking this thread!

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Please DM me the same. Used app for run this week and made big difference


It is about fueling the work.
→ More fuel on longer/harder rides
→ Less on easier/shorter rides

Just a little update for my own benefit more than anything.
The British gravel championship was a flop. Had no legs and no motivation. Especially when I got on the scales and was up to 218lbs somehow!!!
I know I’d carb loaded but flipping heck :rofl:

Anyway, after a week of feeling sorry for myself and lack of motivation killing any riding I tried to do- I first took the bulk of a week off and then I’ve been making steady progress. Weekly training hours have gone 4 then 7 then 9 and I’m on 5 already this week.

I’ve set MFP to 1400kcals a day and then pessimistically add all my exercise on top. And whilst it’s been subject to all the huge swings a 218lb person can have in water weight etc, I can safely say I’ve lost 6lb in 3 weeks now.

I’ve been sticking to Z2 (as per the ISM thread) and today’s ride was the first one I’ve been pleased with so far. 205w/215np and 80% Z2HR for 3h but with just 0.6% decoupling.

I’m fairly sure I could have done another hour or more too which is kicking on for the century figures I did at my peak in May (205w/225np for 5h40 but with 10% decoupling).

The difference is- I only fuelled myself with just squash today. I drunk around a litre for maybe 30g total carbs.

I also feel fine afterwards. Obviously it was a nice disciplined ride (just one 5 minute hill at 300, the rest tempo or less) but that’s 2200kj of work on just 120kcals of exogenous carbs.

3h Rides of very similar power and fuelling at the start of this weight loss phase in early Oct were 7% decoupling so it looks like I’m starting to adapt to not tipping in 400kcals/Hr of sugar :rofl:


wow - 1 Litre for 3 hours seems a bit tight? were you taking on plain water too?

Yep, describes me, minimal fuelling required on rides up to 3 hours. Except it’s more than 20 years, more like 30 years now. The 8-12 hrs / week for decades describes anyone with a regular cycle commute. My cycle commute got me up to a minimum of 7.5 hours a week. Add in a Wed night social and Saturday long and you’re past 11 or 12 hours with little effort.

The challenge is remembering that when I go for a 12 hour ride, the minimal fuelling falls short.

Edit - actually my early cycle commute for first 7 years on mtn bike was an hour each way, which got me up to 10 hours a week just in that. Then social cycling on top of that base hours.



I can’t find the app, but I signed up via the Google form thing and have had some emails from Alex…

Also I’m not an expert at all but I always believe even if it’s a placebo then it works. So if I feel better on quite a bit of carbs/sugar for a 60-90min interval ride then I’ll do it for the mindset even if it’s not an exact science. Some before, some during (half way through as a little treat) and some towards the end. Plus sometimes I do some weights after so it sees me through 40 mins of that too.

The workouts are hard enough so I don’t need any excuse to make them even 1% harder :sweat_smile:

And if I wasn’t on this forum I’d actually probably just have one gel per ride :rofl: