Am I cheating myself?

I’ve just completed Carpathian Peak -1 and found the first interval really hard. So much so I reduced the effort to 95%. When I started the second interval I changed down a gear so I was in a smaller cog and instead of keeping my cadence steady, ramped up cadence to above 110 for the overs. I found this easier and was able to push the effort back up to 100%. So the question is with the gear change and the higher cadence (note I was in erg mode) was I cheating or is my fitness just better at higher power efforts at high candence? Love to hear thoughts on this. Cheer, Lewis

No. You did the work and to a certain extent HOW you did it is irrelevant (could be cadence, gearing, nutrition on a different day, state of mind, music, favourite kit, etc etc.)…

You did the work.


Going to higher cadence shifts the burden from anaerobic to aerobic. Basically lower torque same power. Being effective as 100-110 rpm is just as, or more, important than being effective at 70rpm.


I found myself doing similar for a lot of the over-under sessions in my last block. I view it as evidence that my aerobic fitness is currently being limited by muscular endurance; not sure whether I’m right but thats what I tell myself :joy:.

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Thanks guys, good advice. The high cadence stuff is good and useful for the TTs I’m planning this year. Will also look at building in some low cadence intervals to address any weaknesses there.