Alternatives to Pettit

Coach Chad seems to be in love with Pettit. While there is nothing wrong with it, it is a great workout, I’m missing a bit of variety here. What are the closest alternatives to it in case I want to mix it up. This morning I replaced it with Baxter -2, which was nice, but busier if that makes sense. All the changes in cadence and the high- and low-cadence drills were fun, but not the mellow ride that Pettit would have been.

What workouts do you use or recommend as a replacement?

1 hour, Endurance and sorted by Intensity (low to high), the 4 workouts easier than Pettit:

1 hour, Endurance and sorted by Intensity (low to high), the 4 workouts harder than Pettit:


Or just ride in non erg mode at 0.65IF and work on pacing/intuitive feel

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Thanks, Chad, I’ll try one of the “smoother” ones next week! :blush:

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Pettit +1? :joy:

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+1 for Baxter -2


Bald Knob is very unfortunately named for those of us who are follically challenged and live in UK where knob is an (occasionally affectionate) insult. The first time it showed up on my Strava feed it attracted a large number of comments at my expense, since then I’ve either avoided it or made it a private workout…


I Like Black, similar style to Baxter etc. but a smidge harder.

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When I want to do something similar to Pettit, I stare at a freshly painted grey wall and watch it dry whilst simultaneously spraying vinegar in my eyes every 30 seconds.

God, I hate those easy trainer sessions.


More and more for me, Pettit = free ride on Zwift at 60-70% of FTP. Very relaxing and a great change of pace. If the weather is OK, its a great time to get outdoors too.


Try setting a different goal for these sessions. Maybe doing them fasted will help you better metabolize fat. Maybe perfecting your form drills will make you more efficient at the harder efforts. Heck, maybe you can train yourself to ride the drops for an hour

For me - I need something to distract me during them, helps make the time go by much faster

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Agreed. Entertainment, reading, skill focus or something is useful for these types of workouts. Inside there should be something added to help get through and even take advantage of the effort.

Another thing to to think about when Pettit pops up on the schedule is that its there because its supposed to be an easy day so, do you need more rest? Sometimes I’ll do Taku (30 minutes) or Carter (45 minutes) instead of Pettit or even take the day totally off.

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Sorry for your experience but so glad you posted. As another bald guy and knowing the UK colloquial alternative usage of “knob” I feel you. I didn’t get any ridicule, but recall doing this one during a low point in my training, and writing in my ride description “cuz that’s what I feel like” :slight_smile:

FYI, you can easily edit the ride name once it uploads to Strava. So you could still do the workout if you like, and just change it quickly to avoid the finger pointing :stuck_out_tongue:

Re Bald Knob, I feel your pain there! Kind of looking forward to the tongue in cheek description and comments off the back of it :joy:

You can change the Strava ride name. Maybe something like “Hairy Git”?

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Colosseum (90 minutes) is my favorite, and I can end after 60 minutes and/or reduce intensity depending on goals of session.

Is there any difference in training stimulus between Colosseum which has incremental changes in intensity every 2-3 minutes, and something like Brasstown which is almost identical duration, zone, cals and IF but has long ~15 minute intervals instead? Or is it just personal preference and some people like the more frequent changes to keep them engaged?

The plans always seem to have the Brasstown type workouts on them so that’s what I’ve always done, my “just spinning along” outdoor rides look much more like Colosseum.

From the chin down I’m one of those as well!