Allied Able gravel bike thoughts

I’ve been struggling to find substantial reviews for the Allied Able gravel bike. Any users on here own an Able and can comment on the ride quality? I’m interested in knowing how stiff or compliant the frame is for long rides.

Did you ever find an answer to this. I’ve been scoping this bike after review of all gravel bikes on the market (literally). Allied seems to really have passion for what they are doing (and special focus on gravel drop-bar bikes) and I’m guessing this bike is on the stiffer side with small amounts of vibration dampering. If you purchased one, please let me know your thoughts!

It seems like a great bike. Test road one last year. Really liked it, but got scared as it was expensive and worried that the company might not be around in 3 years if I had an issue. I bought an aspero

I have a close friend who has one built with G23 wheels and GK SK tires. It’s a super fun bike to ride. I find it hard to say I think the frame has anything to do with ride quality though when you’re running 43c tires. Having said all that, it’s geometry is pretty aggressive. If you’re looking for a rocket that accelerates quickly and you can throw around, this is that bike. If you’re looking for a relaxed bike that’s comfortable for 100 miles on gravel, you could do better. I ended up buying a Revolt because I was more focused on comfort during long rides with my wife, but if I could own 2 gravel bikes, I would buy the Able for those racier days.