Gravel bike for fast road group rides and mixed terrain rides

I’ve been considering a Factor LS as a frameset for the n=1 bike. Seems to me that the ST and HT angles will provide an aggressive gravel bike position as well as a fit similar to an endurance road bike that’ll allow for both gravel racing and fast group road rides.

The gravel I ride these days is mostly hardback gravel trails or gravel/dirt roads where I shouldn’t need anything more than a 35-37mm front tire.

I’ve also been looking at both the Allied Allroad and the newly released Allied Echo as options serving a similar purpose but damn they’re expensive!

Besides these options, is there anything else I should be considering that has a ST near 74deg and HT close to 73deg? Looking to keep the wheelbase tight and as close to 1000mm as possible.

I ride a 54cm tarmac on the road - I’m a medium or 52/54 in most geo charts

Appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Take a look at the BB drop…the new Echo has a low BB, but most of the other ones you list have a higher BB. I look at Allied (before the Echo was introduced) but wanted a lower BB.

I ended up going with an Aspero, which has a 76mm BB drop. (I would have recommended looking at the Aspero regardless of my purchase, however). Generally regarded as a roadie’s gravel bike. Angles are bit slacker than what you are looking for, but IMO a 74 / 73 combo would be a bit steep for gravel.

I think the Factor has a low BB and could be another solid choice.

I, too, have an Aspero. While I appreciate that I can adjust the effective rake with the flip chip in the fork, I leave it in slack mode, because I like slow-turning bikes. I purchased last year’s version, and used the very nice wheels as road wheels, and put together a set of gravel wheels from old MTB wheels.

As for higher BBs, I suppose they help with clearance. The reason CX bikes have high BBs is so you have clearance for the pedal cages after you jump barriers.

I love the Aspero, and I regularly get compliments.

For sure, the Aspero is the obvious choice and the go-to for many but I’m looking for something that’ll more closely handle like an endurance bike but with clearance for wider tires when required.

I feel like the Aspero is a gravel bike first and a bit too slack for the n=1 bike…not in any one particular area but small amounts across the board…front-center, HT/ST angles, wheelbase, etc. We’re not talking large differences here but I wonder if the small differences across the geo chart ‘add up’?

Thanks for the suggestion!

BB drop on the LS (and the Aspero for that matter) is 76mm, lower than the Allroad for sure. Echo in road position hits 77.5mm and 75mm n gravel position.

The BB drop on the Factor LS is 76mm