Allez sprint disc hit by car accident (Replacement bike?)

Hello guys…

Sadly i got hit by a car and my dreambike Allez Sprint specialized. Is broken in little pieces. Im fairly ok after the crash. Im looking for new bike now but the weight of the disc version scare’s me from taking new allez. Any sugestion on frame’s as i will be racing and training with it IMG_20190624_170239|666x500

Too heavy or too light for your tastes? I am guessing it is heavier.

Anyway, one of my bikes is a non-disc Allez Sprint. I have seen the disc version, but have not ridden one yet. I cannot imagine it being that much heavier.

Strongly recommend you try out the disc brake bike. I’m on them this year for the first time and the confidence it gives you in races is amazing and the weight penalty is pretty low. Unless you’re doing lots of hill top finish races the juice is worth the squeeze

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Sagan rode one at the Tour Down Under criterium. It was listed at 8kg. My non-disc is 7.3kg w/carbon clinchers. That’s only .7kg or 1.5lb which is nothing on the flat and barely anything when climbing.

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Yeah but at 8kg its full dura ace wich i cannot afford atm cause we bought a house i can spend 3500dollar/euro wheels inclusive

What components did you use to take it down to 7.3? :hushed:

Best bang for your buck on an aero road bike is probably the Canyon Aeroad.

$3K for the 105 version and it goes up from there. They all come standard with deep section carbon wheels and Conti GP tires. My next bike will be one of their Di2 models, maybe as an Xmas gift to myself.

It has DA levers, brakes, and drivetrain. The cranks are Rotor. Carbon bars. Spesh Romin saddle. Some carbon bottle cages. Speedplay Ti pedals. Has a carbon wheel set on it at the moment, so weight is 7.5kg.

edit: non-disc version

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I built an “unofficial” S works Allez Sprint
16.0 lbs, size 54 frame and CLX 50 roval wheels.
Expensive but bad ass if you can afford it.