AI FTP Detection Is Now Available for Everyone! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Looking into this for you now, @ggarcea! :+1:

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Hey @ggarcea, it looks like you were suggested Adaptations on Saturday which included adapting the Ramp Test to Colosseum -4. Did you see this?

Hi, I accepted all adaptations, without really looking into the details of each one.

If I’m done with a hard 4 week smashing block and I’m looking at the next 6 days of easy z1/z2 recovery week rides, can I click the AI FTP button or does completion of the recovery rides also add to the calculation somehow?

Am impatient. Want to click now but also want to use as intended


It doesn’t matter either way.


I just stumbled on this official answer ( from @IvyAudrain), basically it shouldn’t matter…


Mine is 30 watts different.

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Which one’s right? :wink:

Xert has proven itself to be right on over and over. Recent Zwift ramp test confirmed that once again. It’s been a while since I did a full Sufferfest 4D test (mid-September) but when I did that not too long ago, it was in agreement also. Zwift and Xert are pretty recent and they agree, the TrainerRoad number seems wildly optimistic.


My Xert TP is absolutely spot on.

and does the new TrainerRoad tool agree with your Xert?

No the TR aiftp is about 20w too high

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That makes me feel a lot better. I was feeling like maybe I had some weird error on my account and I’m happy to see it’s not just me. I love that they are pushing this direction but it seems like it’s not accurate yet.

If you’re someone who does higher power outdoors for the same RPE/HR than you would indoor, and you go into a block of indoor riding using the same power meter you’ve been using, will TR see those lower numbers and suggest lower FTP?

I really want to use the Ai FTP button as looking at some of my progression levels it would seem that my FTP is starting to increase but I have Disaster day approaching and well I would rather have it a bit easier if I can lol ………
In all seriousness I look forward to using this soon, well done TR on the release.

I decided to peek. And will have little regret if I decide to bump intensity down 3% in the moment.

today was the first time in forever where I really attempted a long threshold interval. I was a bit time crunched so I aimed for 35mins. So while I’ve had access to AIFTP since the early release last Feb, I haven’t adjusted my ftp at all, and it’s been set at 295, my AI FTP readings are generally around +/- 5w and my most recent predictor is 299.

Anyhow, I did my workout in zwift on sim mode, and only watching 3sec power, so I wasn’t super influenced by averages. for 35min I avg 295 and I’d say it felt about right at that edge of doable/hard. I can pretty confidently say I prob could have easily done 5 additional min, and probably at 45min I’d really be feeling it, so I think my personal estimate has been spot on. Def not feeling (at the moment) that I’d want to push my luck up to 300. But I’m also at the tail end of a block and not super fresh so who knows if in a couple of weeks I’ll change my mind!

Not a lot of comments but it’s looking like there’s some people who are finding it very accurate and some people who are not. Would be nice to know if there’s something skewing it one way or the other.

What do you mean by this? Are you using Xert’s prediction and then using it for your TR workouts? Are you doing a specific workout to see how the FTP feels? Or something else altogether?

I look at the Xert FTP prediction then I do an FTP test and the two numbers match. I’ve done ramp tests in Zwift Sufferfest and also the Sufferfest 4D test, they all match what Xert predicts.

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