Aero/tight kit for larger individuals

Let’s just say I have a pound or 30 to comfortably lose, but I want to get some “cheap” speed if I can to help me hang with faster group rides. I’m think about getting an aero road helmet and tight fitting kit.

I’m self conscious about the tighter kit…is that all in my head? It’s painfully obvious I have a bit of a belly but we all look a little weird in lycra, right? Would fitter riders judge…or is it like when the gym bros see someone out of shape in the gym and encourage them for making the effort?

Sorry if I’m rambling…I’d love some opinions. Thanks!!

we call come in different shapes and sizes - no one really cares

you be you - get the kit and the helmet - don’t look back - it might be the motivator to get smaller kit eventually

it happens in all sport - golf - cars - tri/cycling - swimming - running

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It would definitely be more like your gym bros example. They all know why you would be wearing the aero kit and understand the want to be faster.

You are already most likely wearing tight clothing so you might as well make sure that that tight clothing isn’t slowing you down.

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The reality is that nobody really cares, but I know I had some trouble accepting that starting out. I would go out riding in public for short amounts of time or at times I knew nobody else was out before I had enough confidence to ride around more experienced cyclists.

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I think among cyclists, most would more likely wonder why you wouldn’t wear tight kit. Like if you turned up in baggies or a lose-fitting tshirt for a road ride, they would wonder why you wouldn’t wear ‘proper’ kit.

In reality, wear whatever you want, it’s nobody’s business but your own.

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Maybe strike a balance between flappy/baggy kit and race fit. If you’ve never tried the latter, be aware that they don’t hide ANYTHING. Baselayers do help contain the upper body.

Some people will always judge, so there’s nothing you can do about that.

We also tend to judge ourselves, in spite of what others say (positive or negative), so be reasonable with yourself.

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I’m in the low 200 lb range myself and could definitely lose about 20-30 lbs.

Get that speedsuit and vacuum pack your butt into it lol!

I agree with the other poster who mentioned that not wearing tight clothing on group rides is going to make people wonder whats your deal more than your weight. I don’t think another man actually notices what your body looks like. In fact you’ll probably have a lot of people in your draft, happy that you’re as aero as possible so you can keep pulling on the flats.

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Thanks everyone!!

@vladrath you’re probably right…thanks!! As long as my bibs aren’t see thru I bet they’ll be lining up to get in my draft :rofl::rofl: