Aero position on HT - can one do too much?

I’m quite new to indoor training and I’m wondering if there are specific recommendations about position ?

I actually love the aero and I’m more comfortable in it than in a normal position - while riding outdoors I try to get it as much as I can.

Thing is, indoor I can be aero 100% of time, which is pretty much what I do now. Does it seem OK ?
I guess it’s good if it matches what I do outdors - that’s a yes - I even prefer climbing in aero.

For clarity, what is “HT” in your title?

Possibly related, but exactly what bike and setup do you have?

  • Trying to understand the exact context before making a comment.

I’m guessing HT = Home Trainer? And yes, we strive for specificity and if you can do your workouts entirely in aero position then that’s great!

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By HT, I mean Home Trainer.

As for the bike, I have a Canyon Endurace AL 8.0 with Profile Design Legacy II. I’m training on a Tacx Neo (oh man, I love it !)

I’m preparing my first Ironman -> Nice on 30/06. It’s a bit hilly there, but it’s not like one huge climb - rather many smaller climbs. I intend to be in aero position for most of the bike leg.


Cool. In general… trainer like you plan to race.

In this case, being in the aero position as much as possible makes sense considering your goal event.

One additional consideration, if you are doing some of the harder over Threshold and VO2 Max workouts, consider sitting up if needed.

I assume you won’t plan to do that type of effort in your event in general. So you want to make sure you get full benefit of the stress and competing those types of workout to their fullest. I don’t know how much of that high end you will even have, depending on your plan, so it may be a non-issue.

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One question I have is:

Did you do an FTP test in aero position, and have you done one in non-aero position? It might be possible that you ‘could’ put out more power in an upright position which would complicate the situation a little more.

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They cover this in the Ramp Test debut.

Find it at 0:49:00 in the episode.


Thanks a lot !

It was quite intuitive but as a newbie we always have doubts

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