Aero Handlebar and Aero Stems

Hi Folks:

How much of a watts saving will I get if I changed from a conventional stem+bar combo to Enve aero stem+bar? (Riding position doesn’t change assuming, but I’m hoping to get 1 cm lowers at the front). Haven’t been able to find data on the internet.



Ballpark claim by manufacturers seems to be around 4-5W. If it gets you lower without any negative side effects (e.g. too uncomfortable to hold the position, or reduced power from tighter hip angle) then that’s going to give you a saving as well.

It’s quite an expensive upgrade and might struggle to justify the $/W unless you’re spending a lot of time in the wind. But having a clean and aero front end does look very cool, so there’s that as well!

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I heard about 4-5 watts for aero handlebars. Maybe around 7 watts for an aero combo. I went for just the aero handlebars for a few watts savings as well as a bit more comfort from carbon vs the stock aluminium handlbars I had. It also allowed me the keep changing stem lengths and heights, depending on my core strength and the current state of my flexibility. This article says similar things to what I’ve heard in the past.

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