Advice/reminder for parents going into the flu season

I met a dad yesterday who was intensely upset at his kids for causing him to miss an event last week because they got him sick. It was like looking at a mirror for me.

Endurance athletes are some of the most focused and dedicated people out there, we plan everything to a “T”. When illness comes along our plans fall apart and some of us (like me) take it out on the kids who are usually the vectors.

These are reminders for me as well as other parents:

  • Teach your young kids good hygiene but don’t expect them to practice it. Young kids don’t have the brain power to understand the importance of good hygiene, but your consistent and loving reminders will eventually get through when they’re able to understand.
  • Hug your kids when they’re sick because they need the love. You will get sick, you can’t avoid it so stop trying to.
  • When you do get sick, accept it and take care of yourself. In the grand scheme of things it’s just a speed bump in your athletic career.
  • If you have more than 2 kids there’s a chance you will be sick multiple times in a month. For me, this is from September to March so I have to plan accordingly; I don’t plan on any big events unless I’m sure I’m OK losing my money on a cancellation.
  • Don’t try to shelter your kids for your benefit. There was a time I wouldn’t let my kids go to playdates because I was afraid they’d get sick and then get me sick, causing me to miss an event. This is bad parenting on so many levels :cry:.

My comment will probably veer things into a cesspool of political bull-s$#t, like so much of planet Earth these days.

Number 1 piece of advice? Get a damn flu shot and covid booster. You might still get sick, but you’ll get over it faster.



I agree with you :slight_smile: , though I’ve gotten my two COVID shots and been infected three times, so no need for the booster :joy: ,

I have had the flu and covid in the 7 weeks since I started coaching robotics at my kid’s middle school (6-8th) :unamused: All earlier than when I normally would get my flu shot.

You think they’re old enough and that you’re well passed the “stop licking people/things/LEGO!” stage but nope :nauseated_face:


You give them too much credit!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


2 shots? phhhst… lightweight. I had my 5th (no joke) last Monday. I’m a human pin-cushion.


I think another issue is that a lot of schools were closed during the pandemic. From what I understand, kids need to get sick for their immune systems to “train” their memory T cells to fight infections.

My kids were out of school from early 2020 until Fall 2021. During that year and a half, they did not get sick at all. Within a month of them being back in school, we all got the flu. A month later we got Covid. When school started this year in August, we got Covid again. We’ve been sick on and off since August. It’s just how things are now and it’ll probably take a couple years for things to calm down.

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If you have young kids the likelihood of getting sick multiple times a year is very high. It is unfortunate but at no fault of the child. I got sick two days before the NCAA championship my senior year of college. When you are training hard the immune system is weakened. It happens… even when you don’t have kids.


I have young grandchildren (1 &3) who are in daycare and it remarkable how often they are (mildly) sick. Its also remarkable how much they love to try and stick things in my mouth like fingers or food they are eating or how often they cough or sneeze on me. When we visit I wash my hands a lot and try to avoid the sneezes into my face but they are so damn cute I can’t keep my hands off them …

Get your shots, use a lot of soap often but if you have little kids, there will be germs!

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I have three daughters, luckily neither of them gets sick often. Actually rarely. They all went to day care and kindergarden from early on. Had their running noses for years but probably developed superior immune systems. Pays off now I guess. They also learned good hygiene measures from early on in the day care.

So I only get my flu and covid shots and hope for the best. Currently I’m more worried about all my biz trips. I had hoped shaking hands and showing up sick is a thing of the past. Apparently not. And you really wonder when you attend a meeting about wellbeing, health and safety of staff and the second level manager greets you sneezing and coughing with a sweaty hand shake :nauseated_face:


I have three daughters, luckily neither of them gets sick often. Actually rarely. They all went to day care and kindergarden from early on. Had their running noses for years but probably developed superior immune systems. Pays off now I guess. They also learned good hygiene measures from early on in the day care.

Yeah this is huge. Our two youngest ones missed preschool due to the pandemic and they get sick the most often and most severely. We also have a number of friends that homeschool their kids; they don’t get sick often but when they do, it’s very severe.

My kids have been in daycare and kindergarten for 3 years. The first 6 months we were all pretty much sick the entire time.

I don’t even take off now unless I have a fever or really feel like shit. Or else I’d never train. There is always a cold or runny nose in my house.

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I’m actually a bit shocked that anyone blames, let alone takes it out on, their children for getting seasonal illnesses. 1st to display symptoms doesn’t even mean first to bring it into the house, if nothing else.

As an adult, I’m going to the Office, meetings, using public transport, going to shops, getting sprayed with untold germs riding my bike, going to bars etc etc. But schools/ day care…


I am all about the vaccines. I did skip the flu vaccine last year, not because I didn’t want it, I just was lazy and didn’t get it. Well, I had COVID and the flu last year and while COVID was more intense, the flu was more miserable because it lasted much longer.

This year I got the bivalent COVID booster and the flu shot in one sitting. No side effects from either and I was internationally traveling for 10 days recently and remained healthy. Perhaps the vaccines played a role in that. Unfortunately it’s impossible to know.


You never should but it’s so easy to blame the kid. Especially as when they are tiny none of these things seem to phase them. My 1 year old just had a horrid cold, her nose was running like a tap and she could hardly breathe at some times. Was she still the happiest person on the earth loving everything? Yep. Do I want to be able to do that myself? Also yep!

I’m in major airports every week. I’m continually mortified at the number of adult males who do not wash their hands after using a urinal or stall. So, yes, parents please teach the importance of good hygiene from an early age.


Step #2 is NOT optional!!!


The inner Ken has almost gotten the best of me a few times lately. IDK why but, the urge for me to say something is getting stronger. I know better and will remain silent but, damn is it hard to watch adults act like children.

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I’m shocked that parents take that route as well.

My parents were teachers, if one of us got something like measles or chicken pox they’d made sure we all got it. Then they wouldn’t need to take multiple time off to look after one child , then do same for another child a week or two later etc.

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