Advice on when to complete the base, build and speciality phases

Good evening everyone,

This is my first post. I’ve been using TR for three or so years and I love it.

I just wondered when everyone was planning on completing their base, build and speciality phases.

I’m training for time trials and these normally begin in late March - early April. So, a little unsure where I should be in my plan by this time (I’d imagine part way through the specialising phase). If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes.

A perfect case to apply Plan Builder:

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I dont TT any more but have a couple of mates who are very serious about it and well into training for next season - they are currently well into SSB2 right now.

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I don’t TT but my aim is to be raring to go at the start of April for whatever events might come available - even if that’s just trying to beat my own outdoor PR’s. I’m in week four of SSBMVII, which followed by Build and Speciality should have me good to go by then.

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Thanks Chad. I’ll check this out.

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Thanks @Bigpikle. Any idea if they are going straight into the build phase. I’m 4 weeks in to SSB2. Unsure whether or not do repeat at a higher FTP or crack on with the Build phase.

@Flashpoint51 we are at exactly the same point mate. I’m half thinking of doing another 4 ish weeks of base before doing the 8 weeks of build. Still a little unsure though.

Stick with the base till atleast February. It sounds like you want to maintain a consistent good performance throughout your TT race season rather than peaking for a single event, so the speciality phase might not be necessary and I’d advise dropping it but try to include 1 VO2 max workout per a week near/during race season.

Cleaning your bike now and again would be extra beneficial for yourself also.

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Some very specific advice here @Shaun_Brannan. Interesting point about the bike. Everyone who knows me always comments on how clean it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure they will go hit the Build phase next, or a version of it. I know that for one of them, following a TR plan for base has been an experiment to see what happens, so not quite sure what they’ll do next, but it will be intensity based!

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