Advice and help for 64 year old with a knee replacement

I am new to trainer road and have just started indoor training, I am riding the Stelvio in May next year, 5 days in the mountains plenty of good climbs, I have an FTP of 216 which I guess is low? also have a false knee so low resistance and high cadence, what would the best programme be for me to be in reasonable condition for next May, last year managed a few sportives of 100miles between 5 1/2 - 6 hours.
I have started with Base Phase Mid Volume 1 - if anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated,

ssb lv and add rides if you feel like it.

Welcome @Chris_142-

More important than your current FTP is that you are training with purpose and have target events. That is one of the best ways to compete as an athlete in the relentless event known as aging. There are many good posts already out on the forum, which fortunately has a great search and summary feature so when you pull up a long topic it has an option to “summarize” the discussion.

I find that strength training is a key part of being a well-rounded aging athlete. Please check-out Dr Jonathon Sullivan, MD’s website for cool videos and a link to his book, The Barbell Prescription.