Adjustments For Fatigue

In my new found effort to not burn out this year, I’ve already not been doing silly days/weeks with massive spikes in TSS.

Additionally…this week is the first one where I’ve felt real fatigue, and not had a rest week looming on thr horizon, so I pulled the plug on the scheduled TR workout after 1 set, and am planning on skipping group ride tomorrow, or just doing an easy 60 minute spin.

Which brings me to my question - when you decide you have “too much” fatigue, what are you doing to lessen it? Eliminating intervals? Group rides? Zone 2? All of the above?

Day off or <60% easy rides. Usually the latter, depends how cooked you are!

Treat every ride like a soul ride and just let go

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That’s my cue to do whatever it takes to go to bed as early as possible for a night or two. If I can get a nice stretch sesh in beforehand, so much the better. I’ve found this gets me back to feeling strong the fastest regardless of how much riding I’m doing.

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Depends what I was planning on doing in the coming 4-5 days. I’d cut anything that sounded hard - so a group ride might be fine but also might be the worst idea ever. I wouldn’t reintroduce anything challenging until I had two days in a row where I felt like I was capable of doing something hard (this is the hardest part for me)

Nothing I do makes as much difference as spending extra time lying down. Not even sleeping necessarily (though that’s obviously best), but if I can get an extra hour or two a day lying down with my feet up on the sofa or just on my back on the floor then I start to notice the difference.

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