Adding road simulation to workouts

I have the neo 2t and train basically for MTB. It is possible to add gravel or off-road terrain simulation to a tr workout?

No, TrainerRoad has no provisions for “Road Feel”.

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Isn’t being on the trainer “off road”


yes. they are called “rollers”

Only if you glue rocks to the drums :stuck_out_tongue:

you might consider using Zwift in sim mode - just ride - and export your TR workout to your bike computer. Then use the bike computer as your prompt/guide for doing the work, just like you would outside. Zwift will be controlling the Neo 2T, and your bike computer will be recording the workout and giving you ‘grey bars’ to follow. The real-time grey bars on Garmin 530/830/1030/1040 are pretty similar to TrainerRoad blue bars, but on your bike computer. Hope that helps.

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Perhaps you could run TR in parallel with something like Zwift or RGT (Its got a free version but the free version won’t always be gravel).

you may be on to something…

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Exactly the same what I do with Kinomap. :smiley:
Kinomap controls the trainer, and the bike computer reads the sign(of powermeter).
I can change my gear on bike or use the resistance changer buttons on the screen.

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