Trainer Road Used for Velo workouts

Hi Fellow Trainer Road Users,
New User here so apologies if this question has been asked before or is a silly question. I currently use TR on my laptop for structured workouts on my Tri bike which is attached to a turbo trainer in my garage. Works perfectly. However, wanting to know if I can do TR workouts (Coach prepared through Training Peaks or Train Now) at our local Velodrome as an outdoor structured workout? If so, I’m assuming it has to be used via my IPhone using the TR app or is there some way I can download TR workouts on to my Garmin Edge Bike Computer. Thanks for your help. Regards, Adam from Australia.

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You can push TR workouts to Garmin units no problem. Pretty sure there’s a blog post or support article on how to do it but basically.

  • You need to authorise synchronisation between TR and Garmin - go you your account page and click on “Ride Sync” then authorise Garmin. You only need to do this once.
  • You’ll also need the Garmin Connect app on your phone so that your phone can talk to Garmin’s servers.
  • Finally on the hardware side you need to pair your phone and Garmin via Bluetooth.
  • Then it’s a matter of setting the workout to “Outside”, not all workouts have an outside option, most do but for those that don’t there’s usually a very similar alternative that does. So open up the workout, I’ll use Salado since I’ve got that as an upcoming workout,, click on the “Outside” button and TR will send the workout to Garmin.
  • You might need to wait a few minutes for the transfer to happen.
  • Fire up your Garmin head unit, it should connect to your phone and then to Garmin’s servers and download the workout. Note that it doesn’t appear under “training”, that’s for Garmin’s own workouts, I can’t remember the folder it does get put in.

There’s slightly different behaviour depending on the type of workout: short intervals like 30/30s will auto-run whereas long steady state intervals you need to press the lap button to start each one.

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As a trainee Track Cycling Coach I have to ask the question if you are allowed to use your computer on the track?
The velodromes in the UK have a very strict no visible head units rule - you can have it under the saddle or in a pocket but definitely not in your eye line. If you were planning to just do the Outside workout from memory then no worries, but it is worth checking!


I get it for races, but why no computers when training? Is it a safety thing to ensure people aren’t always just looking down?

This is from the rule book:


3.2.005 Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track. They may not bear or use on the track any music player or radio communication system.
In addition, any electronic device with display (for instance speedometer or powermeter) must be hidden to that it cannot be read by the riders.

I think its easier for velodromes to just obey the UCI rules all the time, rather than just specifically when there is UCI sanctioned races on. As track crashes can be really nasty, I think it’s more of a safety thing - making sure that the riders are paying attention to what’s going on all the time.

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Not sure if it’s standard here, but I’m in Aus too and pretty much everyone has a visible head unit at my local velo. I think it’s mostly used by clubs and has to be booked in advance, so I would imagine it’s probably down to each club to enforce their own rules. Doesn’t exactly look like the kind of place that would hold UCI-sanctioned events either- probably more along the lines of a local running track.

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