Adding PM to Spec Diverge

I have a 2nd hand, cobbled together Spec Diverge which runs a 386Evo BB. Currently has a Rotor 1x crank on it, but would like to add power. I guess the question is multipart:

  1. Do you know of a 1x PM crank compatible with 386Evo?
  2. If not, what would the most cost effective way to add one be? Swap the BB and find a new crank?
  3. Do you happen to be selling one that would work for me in a 175mm length? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

I had a Quarq Dzero with a GXP crank that worked fine in my Diverge (before I sold it), that was with a Sram 1x chainring. Also the Sram Force 1x cranks I’m pretty sure you could get a Power2Max spider (or an Xcadey or Sigeyi if you trust them).

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Stages sell a crank form FSA 386 evo cranks. I used to use one with fsa gossamer cranks. So you could change your crankset and get one of those.

I now use assioma duo pedals which is also available in a left hand only version. Which could be just as cheap as you won’t need new cranks.

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Stages 386 crank is over $500 now. I personally would go for assioma uno pedals for approx 450. I have the duo and love then, plus you can switch them to any bike and never have to worry about bb , crank combinations etc.

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thanks for the awesome information.

I have spec diverge as well, have done some research and was close to getting the quark DZero but decided to fit the Assioma duos after all as I use the bike primarily on paved roads or what we call fire roads. The pedals work perfectly

I have a power2max NG coming in that I’m going to put on my new diverge. Went with the NG over eco because I wanted the rechargeable battery. And because I’m basic. Dual sided power is nice too… I guess.

I didn’t want to have to swap my Assimoas onto a third bike. And I wanted to be able to run hybrid platform/clipless pedals to make it a better dicking around bike.

Power2max makes a spider power meter that would mount right to your rotor cranks. They get really good reviews.

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I’d prefer to run SPD off road if at all possible. Can’t scratch my s-works slippers :rofl::joy:

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Just found it. Might have to pull the trigger. Thanks for the heads up!!

I am assuming he means the Assiomas with the SPD hack.

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That or the Garmin Rally SPD pedal power meter option.

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