Adding in unscheduled workouts to low volume plan, how do I decide what to do?

Sorry if this is addressed somewhere. I am doing low volume plan due to work travel. I only have Friday - Sunday to stack bike time. So all workouts are then. When I am home I add additional workouts to the adaptive training plan. Since I’m low volume base 1 most of the programmed workouts are SST. How do I decide what to add if I want to add in additional days during the week? Do I do threshold, endurance, recovery. Right now I’m 3 months out from first gravel event. Thanks everyone for the help!

Use TrainNow. I’m also on LV and that’s what I do. It will give you a recommended ride.


If you’re following a Lv plan consistently you likely already have a decent profession of intensity days, so I think most people are best served by keeping it simple and adding extra endurance rides as appropriate.
With an eye to your target event, adding in a few longer rides, preferably in similar conditions, an be useful for testing race day nutrition, bike fit etc- especially if it’s your first!


Just go ride your bike. Do the intervals as assigned inside and then ride outside on the other days in an unstructured fashion.

If it’s too cold or you don’t want to ride outside, use Train Now to suggest zone 2 workouts.

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My days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. That is most of the intensity I can do in a week after week, so Sunday is three to four hours of just easier endurance miles.

Given that gravel races tend to be stupidly long, I would see if you could stack your hours for a longer endurance ride on Wednesday. That gives you some decent recovery from your three day block but leaves you Thursday to recover for the weekend.


As others have said, I would add longer (2+ hour) Z2 rides to help prepare you for your gravel event. Maybe add 15 minutes per week.

If you’re doing shorter rides, or want more intensity, I would use TrainNow.