Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Hi, I ve installed the update on the desktop app. The workout of the day in my Build Phase plan is Mount Goode +2 but when I go to TrainNow in the workout section it says there is no workout scheduled in my plan. Am I doing something wrong?

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Does adaptive training do anything to the workouts themselves?
I know from the podcast, that workouts won’t adapt on the fly if you start loosing power, but I’m thinking more like the way Sufferfest workouts change the levels of their four energy systems within the workout to reflect your abilities in those certain systems.
I.e. if you suck at VO2 Max, in Trainerroad you’ve always have had to adjust the level of the interval, either in duration or intensity. Now, with TR taking seven energy systems into consideration, will every workout adjust the i.e. VO2 max parts of the workout automatically, to suit my personal ability?

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Anybody seen the Adaptive Training Closed Beta Access announcement thread anywhere?


Yes please, cut the ERG talk. It is WAY off topic here.

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Will this require an app update, similar to the beta testing app on iOS and Android?
Or will this just be web based for the moment?

Yup, app update across the board.


Right… if you have ever done it you are opted out! obviously you never listen to your coach :rofl:


Correct. I am on iOS beta and Train Now is up and running… and I love it so far!


At this time, is it clear as to whether or not the second group has been added to the beta? Asking so I can determine if I should stop refreshing my email. :sweat_smile:


Can you lock the thread? I’d like to have one thread that is only communique from TR. no comments or discussions.

It would be nice to avoid having to search for info.


That, or they could just edit the original post at top with the latest info for easy access, and still allow discussion.

Not sure if one is better than the other, but there’s at least 2 ways to do it.

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@iamholland @mcneese.chad I’ll update the thread in addition to editing the original post with updates as they are available.


From my understanding it will provide you with the appropriate workout based on your training levels and other additional information they feed into the machine.

For example instead of progressing directly from Elephant to Elephant +1 you may have to prove that you are capable of handling that additional load as you go with smaller progressions. Hope that makes sense

TrainerRoad workouts each have a specific zone they are targeting. That zone is the level we will use when suggesting a workout for you. While some workouts do touch different zones, there is always a primary zone we are training first, and all other zones touched are secondary.


Or go to the desk top app and load it in your calander

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When TR becomes sentient, I don’t want to face it in a crit.


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