Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

dropped about 30 mins ago on my calendar :+1:

No android app levels?

You should see an available Android update shortly if you don’t already. We’ve submitted everything on our end but sometimes Google can take a little bit to roll things out. :slightly_smiling_face:


working on mine - update today

Ooh. I had to go to App Store and click Update, something I’ve never done before. But it’s here :slight_smile:

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Primary forum post on the new releases:



Three new blog posts to check out that with more info are definitely worth looking through:



It doesn’t just go to 11, apparently it goes to 15 :sweat_smile: :cold_sweat:

(this is a custom workout)


Max. level 15, you say? My custom sprint workout seems to be a touch over the top according to levels :grimacing::grin:




I don’t see levels for my custom workouts, do you mind me asking if you are in the beta?

edit, I have updated the app and see the levels for TR workouts.

I’m in the beta and also don’t see levels for mine. I think when Brandon first noted they were there I mentioned mine all showed 0.0 (but had a “zone” assigned that seemed appropriate).

I look at them now and see they still lack a number but show a little differently than before.

It hasn’t bothered me as I don’t really use custom workouts and all of these were probably created around 2013 or earlier (maybe related to why they are kind of broken?)

Pic of an example…

Maybe I’ll try to get a support ticket open anyway so they can resolve for people who would use the feature :slight_smile:

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If that is an Android screenshot, I just went to the app store, (as the articles said) downloaded the latest version and I can now see progressions for each workout. I am NOT in the beta.

I don’t think the android app updates automatically.

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It is very good to see the progressions and new plans, now. I have also read the three referenced posts. The progressions and explanations help immensley in planning, and definitely makes understanding workout progressions far far easier. Thanks @IvyAudrain and the team. Its a massive step forward.

I often joke in my work “trust the process”, but I have to know the process to trust it. I suspect I will go through a process of assessing the new plans and progressions and understanding how best to use them.

My first reaction is that, having almost completed LV General Build, (with added SS/threshold sessions) and now looking at MV sustained build (as I do longer Time Trials) the progression levels look too easy to start with. I shall probably be proved wrong. I will see how i go after the next couple of races over the next few weeks.


You did the LV General Build and added more SS/threshold?
Wow that’s brilliant. I struggled with just the stock workouts. :pensive:

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I know it’s just n=1, but I’m super happy with the new plans :grinning: They are doing exactly what I wanted to achieve with TrainNow and levels: make the week over week progression smoother / steadier :+1: :+1:

Keep up the good work!


Thanks all! It really is super exciting for us to put the tools and knowledge we have in motion to help athletes improve and get even faster!
It does require some inherent trust, as our plans always have in a way. Thanks for being stoked and trusting the process! Cant wait to hear how you all feel after settling into those plans a bit. :v:


Eek, did a 1.6 graded VO2 today which I surveyed as moderate, really never struggled at any point, just did the plan update and it’s immediately thrown me a 4.9 beast next week. I asked for it I guess :smile:


I just finished a reply to your request in the other thread.