Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Thanks. I do not think my Rally XCs are paired to anything else via BLE. I do not think the Neo used to drop hs much but I have had BLE issues in the past with TR. Right now I think it’s the fact I’m in a hotel room with WiFi and devices everywhere and likely interference. I am still collecting files and overlaying them to see if I can narrow down the device. It seems like my Ant+ to my Garmin is good. Ant+ to my Mac is just as you described but tolerable. My Bluetooth to TrainerRoad has dropouts.

Quoting myself in another AT thread. For those seeing weird PL behavior:

From your Account, you can check your Adaptation History to make confirm, but the change in those workouts should be instantaneous on the web version of your calendar at the very least.


Are you referring to this in the ‘Known Issues’ section of the Adaptive Training thread?

That particular one has been resolved, so if you’re still experiencing it, I’d check in with to make sure something isn’t amiss.

This was on the team’s radar but not sure where we are currently. If there’s new information I’ll definitely provide an update!

EDIT: When you say completed a ‘Stretch’ workout, do you mean changed the workout assigned to a more or less difficult one? I may need you to get in touch with support for this so they can look into your calendar, what was assigned, completed, and how it effected the logic. Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks Ivy! I don’t have the same options you do. Other than the “Enable Adaptive Training” toggle, my page is blank. I did accept some adaptations last week, so i should have some history…

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Notes from Nate, largely about outside workouts:


Thanks for cross-referencing Nate’s post in this thread @mcneese.chad


Has anyone had a problem with adaptations changing Outdoor workouts but not the Indoor version?

Ive reported a weird situation where Gibraltar -2 was down graded to Baxter, but when I decided to do it as an Indoor ride it changed back to Gibraltar -2.


Hey Ivy, sorry for the confusion - I just meant that if you moved a future workout in the calendar, it breaks the link with Plan Builder you will no longer see adaptations happen to that future workout. I know it was an issue, but I thought I saw something that it might be fixed and I didn’t want to give duff information…

I didn’t word my example very well - basically drag and dropping plan builder workouts means it’s treated like any other off-plan workout you would schedule and doesn’t get adapted.

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Same here, I don’t have the adaptation history. Sounds like Ivy’s a step ahead of us!

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Question for @IvyAudrain and team, does AT have a built in “hold” on adaptations when a Ramp Test is scheduled?

I’m in a rest week and would expect my workouts for next week to all adapt upwards. They haven’t yet, though I’m assuming they will when I get close/do Monday’s workout.

Good question, nope! You’ll be served adaptations every time you miss or complete a workout, and while AT does have foresight into the work that’s ahead and will adjust accordingly, it wont wait for a Ramp Test if it knows you’re falling short or knocking workouts out of the park leading up to that Ramp Test. AT WAITS FOR NO ONE. :rofl:
That said, if your chill/rest week consists of more moderate/endurance workouts, as long as you’re completing them and serving accurate survey responses: likely no adaptations. Keep it up!


I think this is an example of the problem of not having a centrally located thread from the staff to keep us updated. We are expected to go through several active thread just to try and get information.

Sure, when it is slow at work, I browse. But when I am busy, I don’t. And I don’t browse outside of work. So even when I do browse I don’t catch up on everything since there are about 50 fresh posts per thread per day.


There seems to be a slight disconnect between the TR app on my main tablet that I do my workouts on, and my TR account/the app on my phone. Both are Beta and AT, but the last few workouts when I’ve submitted my survey response on the tablet it hasn’t saved properly and I have to redo it (says missing response) on my phone.


There is a known to TR issue with saving survey responses that TR is trying to figure out.

For me, what I have to do is after filling out the survey quit the TR app, and then relaunch it. Once I relaunch the TR app, the survey response shows up basically immediately looking at the TR site in a web browser. This process is 100% repeatable for me, and not quitting and relaunching the TR app would mean I would need to leave the TR app open for 15+ minutes to get the survey response to sync - the 15 minutes is the low for me

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I’ve had a couple of instances recently where my levels on my phone app (Android), Web app (win10) and TR website, all showed different set of levels! All showed most recent rides and surveys completed.
I ended up deleting and reinstalling.

Yeah… I got excited for a moment. Went to Adaptive Training section in Profile settings, and nothing there :frowning: At least we know it is coming.

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Hello all again! Maybe I am using AT wrong, but this to me is not really so useful, despite having a lot of data entered. I would have expected TR to notify me saying I should an FTP test or something. How am I meant to know that if I were a lay user?

FYI: my VO2 is not that good trust me!


Any chance you are doing custom workouts?

If so, those can have very incorrect Workout Levels and might be one way to explain your PL issue (since they would incorrectlyinflate the PL values).

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