Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

I get that, but it’s see it as flawed due to the implied/forced associations to training zones/levels:

  • If I end up with a Threshold workout on my calendar that is well below my ability, and proceed I smash it with ease, I am rating it as a 1, not a 3.

  • Conversely, If I end up doing a 4 hour Endurance ride on the trainer and end really worked over (prehaps I have maxed out at 2 hours previously), I think a 3-4 is very appropriate.

Point being that those numbers you suggest (yours or Coggan aligned) assume a “proper” workout on the schedule that aligns with the rider’s current ability. That is largely the goal of AT, but there are certainly times where there will be intentional or unintentional differences in the AT recorded PL of the rider, and whatever ends up on the calendar.

As such, I think your suggestion works when everything is “perfect”, but fails to handle the times when those differences exist, or days when we notably exceed or fall short (while not “failing” enough to trigger a Struggle survey) of the prescribed workout.


Subjective ratings are inherently flawed :rofl:

Didn’t take the time to fit in “what it feels like on a good day” so don’t take “what it feels like” so literally. People need a mental frame of reference for mapping an interval to a number from 1 to 5, and that mental frame of reference is when you are having a good day and doing appropriate level of work.

Don’t overthink it.

and if I had time and inclination I’d add another column with something that looks like your description

  • Everything in this arena is flawed, nothing is immune. And that’s coming from a perfectionist that is trying to be more of a realist these days :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I’m all good and comfortable within the system. My energy here is aimed at helping others.

I’d have added another column for descriptive, but there wasn’t enough space after my copy&paste and 1-minute of editing.

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I would think the “fatigue” option is most appropriate. It doesn’t really matter where the fatigue comes from, especially if it’s a constant, as what it’s suggesting is you probably need slightly easier workouts to be able to achieve your best effort whilst managing your fatigue level.

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OK, in the spirit of silliness…

  1. EASY: Coach Chad is seriously a GREAT guy :crown: !

  2. MODERATE: Coach Chad is pretty cool & I want to buy him a micro-brew :beer: .

  3. HARD: Coach Chad is kinda mean. But he’s doing it to make me faster, so it’s OK :+1: .

  4. VERY HARD: Coach Chad is not nice! What does he have against me??? :hot_face:

  5. ALL OUT: Coach Chad is pure EVIL!!! :smiling_imp: Somebody, get me help… right NOW!!! :face_vomiting: I want a refund, TrainerRoad! :moneybag:


Seriously more post like this, collecting into a single graphic, would go a long way to help athletes not overthink it!!!

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More silliness:

  1. Easy: So easy Nate can do it.

  2. Moderate: Jonathan’s hair is still intact.

  3. Hard: Has Amber stopped smiling?

  4. Very Hard: Chad’s broken sweat.

  5. All Out: Get Thor in here!


We could pull some prime snaps from some of the group ramp tests

Taken at different stages along the way (1-smiles up to terrible dead face for 5), for each rating as another reference :stuck_out_tongue:

PS, Jon seems to have a hat on for all of them, so the hair is fully covered, unfortunately :wink:

1 - Easy… … / 2 - Moderate / 3 - Hard… / 4 - Very Hard / 5 - All Out
image / image / image / image / image


5 is Nate’s broken chain in the sprint video, or collapsing on the ground after finishing 2nd or 3rd in the foothills race video!


Sounds like they could be out-of-plan workouts from moving things around in the calendar before updating Plan Builder.

These are all workouts in the Polarised Plans so not added via Plan Builder, I just added the plans to the calendar in the normal way. As such I’m not expecting AT to be swapping out workouts but I’m working through the plans seeing what gets suggested in terms of levels.

I’ve done three full Base-Build-Speciality cycles without break (partly because of lockdowns) and was starting to get a bit burnt out so when the Polarised Plans came along I decided to give them a go. I’ll head back to the main plans when I’ve completed these - I’ve a full year waiting in Plan Builder to be added to the calendar, I just have to decide when to start it as I’ve a few big events that are likely to happen this summer with the UK coming out of all the lockdown regulations.

So you can plan and track weekly TSS in TR, add your comments, track your seasons, etc. TR’s calendar is a huge part of my planning and training.

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I get your point, but when I look at this example, it doesn’t work for me in the idea of having multiple choices.
1 - I would never use. Nothing at all means I didn’t ride
2-4 are all the same thing
5 is it’s own
6 and 7 are the same thing
8 is it’s own
9-10 are the same (or maybe 8 and 9 are the same?)

That only leaves 6 for me, so might as well go to 5.

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Honestly, that 1-5 of Nate is Perfect! If you popped that up after a ride and asked me to pick one, I could nail the 1-5 system.


We all have different ways that we learn and understand best. With that in mind, I think addressing issues like this with multiple approaches is wise. Using a combination of some text, some pics, and even silly emojis may help cover the different ways that people learn.


Is there a specific reason why a successfully completed workout (that was labeled breakthrough), won’t result in a progression-level update on my career landing screen?

What rating did you assign in the ride survey?

Hopefully soon as I am kicking ass (sarcasm)! :laughing:

(I am doing my coaches workouts).

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Moderate. It was a custom workout. Threshold 5.8. Completed but no bump in PL. Previous custom workouts have resulted in immediate PL updates, regardless of the survey response… So, not sure about this one.