Adaptive training and altitude

Anyone in Beta doing some of their training at significantly different altitudes?

I tend to do a couple of weeks during the summer at 4500 with outdoor rides up to 8000’ ASL but most of my training during the year is at 500’ .

Before AT, I’d just drop my FTP in TR 5-10% and do the recommended workouts or just do LSD and skip workouts entirely. With AT, the “you had some trouble with this one” menu doesn’t offer “I was at altitude bro” as an option :sunglasses:

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with altitude changes during AT.


Not me, but I did prior to getting in. I just dial down the difficulty to 90% and go from there (sea level to 7500ft). Z3 feels like murder at that elevation change.

It’s a good use case, should follow up with . I’d think they would know about it, based on their headquarters, and the topic comes up on the podcast often enough.

I’m wondering if alternates and selecting achievable to drop down difficulty, would help instead of triggering a failure path or altering FTP. Looking for targets that are lower.


I asked a similar question about a heat training block. There are definitely times when you want AT to know to ignore a reduction in workload - Altitude, Heat, are two obvious examples - I’m sure there are others.