Aching hamstrings during SS recovery intervals

Hi Guys quick question here,

On the longer sweet spot or threshold sessions I am finding in the recovery dips that my hamstrings start to really ache 1/2mins into the recovery whilst I spin. When I start the sweet spot interval again my thighs engage and it is fine (albeit with the expected thigh burn). This becomes more apparent in the 3rd or 4th recovery interval, not so much on the first or second.

I find on the endurance rides it is fine for about 45 mins but after about an hour the same ache becomes more pronounced, could it be the bike set up? Or just that the hammies arn’t that engaged and then all of a sudden that have easy spinning? On long rides/climbs I don’t seem to have any problems.

Any advice would be great

This could be due to a lot off things, but I would start with saddle. Your saddle being too high and/or too far back are probably the most common issues… I would suggest lowering your saddle a few mm and check if your saddle isn’t pushed all the way back on the rails…

If that doesn’t help, a proper bike fit might…

Anyway, good luck in finding out the issue, cycling with pain isn’t fun!

The above suggestion is definitely a possibility. Another question though, how long have you been training on the indoor trainer? Have you just started a plan having not been on the trainer throughout the year?

It could be that subtle differences in the demands on your hamstrings on the indoor trainer could be taxing them slightly more than you are used to, or that tension in your hamstrings is more apparent on the trainer?

I find that I tend to get a little more tightness in my hamstrings on the trainer than outdoors and that standing for 15-20 secs in the recovery intervals can help ease them and loosen them slightly.

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