Accidentally hit "save" in middle of ride

I accidentally paused and saved my ride while messing around with my Edge wearing big gloves (39 degrees F and raining). So instead of a single four hour ride, i have two rides, one at an hour and fifteen and one for the remaining 2:45.

Is there any way to merge these together into one ride file? I know you can merge fit files if one has hr and the other has power (and they cover the same timeframe), but i haven’t seen anything about combining rides back to back.

And this also got me thinking. Is there any training software that takes into account the actual hours elapsed between trainings? So that if you saved two ride files with a five minute break in the middle, this would give a “greater” impact than if you did one ride in the morning and one in the evening?

This seems like an opportunity to dive a level deeper and really, model a more sophisticated dose response, that athletes could then play around with. I’ve seen graphics like this one:


And a similar one on Alan Couzens blog, and it’d be cool to be able to play around with this. is a simple online editor. I think it’s got a ride combiner.

Proper link FIT File Tools , no s :wink:

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cool. thanks!

Plenty of tools out there for merging GPX files. I’ve used a few different ones before that I’ve found from a quick google search.

As for analysis of different rides, I would imagine that, unless someone accidentally hit “save” like you did, they would record a continuous activity that included the 5 minute break. This would be largely the same as hitting a descent for 5 minutes, for example