Access to workout captions?

Hi, I would like to read Chad`s workout captions before I will do my training outside. I know I can read little bit about the workout in the workout description, but I would like to get more info - for example in captions I can see I should do some form drills, I should spend some/lot of time in aero position and so on.

I tried to open workout in Workout Designer, but I can not see any captions editting/viewing possibility there.

Is there any way I can see workout captions without doing the workout? I would love to read some additional drills for the intervals if there are any planned. Or maybe TR can provide list of drills for workout in the description?

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If you load the workout into Workout Creator you can read all the instruction there. Amend them or add your own if you so desire.

The instruction are on the bottom left hand side and I think a comment bar is shown in the timeline so you can spot them easily.


Here’s what that looks like, as @John_Hallas explained:

You’ll have to click on the interval, then select “Edit Text” to get the additional popup window containing all the workout captions.


Great, helped allready yesterday, thanks!