Oval chainrings on road/gravel

I need to replace the chainrings on my 3t exploro and was considering trying oval rings. Absolute black has some 48/32 or 46/30 rings, that would then go on my quarq dfour. What are your thoughts on oval? The claims on their site seem too good to be true, lower hr, more power, less rpe. Anyone experience any of these benefits?

Hey Dick_Dylan,

I’ve used oval rings on/off over the last 4-5 years… both Qring and more recently AB. At this point I’m not sure there’s much meaningful difference. Initially I “felt” them to be better, but now move back and forth from round to oval and notice nothing…

Another point - I believe (meaning heard and maybe seen) that ovals can make powermeter readings inaccurate (ie: lower than actual). The AB rings are beautiful and very well made. Good luck!

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Does it feel strange moving back and forth between round and oval. My other bikes would all still have round rings.

I used to ride ovals exclusively, but when I started training with power I noticed that it was much harder to keep a smooth cadence and also found power numbers to be jumpy. I went back to round rings.

It’s been years since I’ve used ovals, so I’d be curious to see how I’d feel about them now since I’m a much more efficient cyclist with a smoother pedalstroke, though I’ve heard many others echo my experience too.

I notice no difference… but like summerson stated, I suspect that my pedalstroke has improved over the years so as to account for my early experience. Right now my only oval ring is a 1x direct mount on my CX bike.

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I went with these for my wife’s gravel bike and they are round. Same mounting design as AB with bolts threading into the small ring. They also make a 5x110 version for other style cranksets.

I’ve had oval on my CX bike and did a number of gravel rides and I just don’t like it on the road or gravel. Even when you get used to it; the pedal stroke isn’t smooth and it is really annoying when standing up to pedal on smooth surfaces.

These are way cheaper and have shifted and worked well so far. I’d try these ones if I were you.

Does the D4 have a smooth bolt circle?Any major overhangs with the battery compartment? I had an older Quarq that need ‘clover leaf’ style rings, not circular interiors (like Rotor’s oval rings). Some oval rings are adjustable , so they won’t mount over some PMs. Just something to look out for. Save the package to the ring in case you return it.